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genre:Arcade Games
platform:Online/macromedia flash
features:sound, visuals
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Gamevial were a company based in Scotland who produced a large number of web based, real time graphical games in various styles. They decided that people with visual impairments should have equal access to their games, and to that end worked on various systems for having speech and audio interfaces through macromedia flash.

Rebound, ---- like several of their fully graphical games, was a modern rendering of an old arcade classic, ---- the game breakout. The year apparently is 3012, and you've been confronted by a number of exploding containers of chemicals which need disposing of. For some unspecified (but apparently plausible), reason, you decide the best way to do this is bounce a ball around an in closed arena using a paddle like bat device, attempting to smash said containers to bits.

In the game, the position of the ball as it moved back and forward was shown by both pitch and tone, and to hit the ball all you needed to do is insure that when the ball is coming towards you, ie, when the tone is increasing in both pitch and volume, the sound is as centered as possible, thus placing your bat in correct hitting position. various chonk sounds indicated when you've disposed of a toxic container, and earned some bonus points, however if you miss the ball, you lose a life.

Of course, to keep things interesting various surprises, good and bad were provided. these included aliens who moved down the play field towards you (though an accurately bounced ball could hit them away), and various good or bad powerups indicated by a set of computer beeps rising in volume as they get closer to you, which you could pick up by moving your bat to grab them, ---- these include the ability to have extra balls in play, extra lives, power ups to increase the size of your bat, and more.

Needless to say, in the good old arcade tradition, things got faster and nastier each level, with more power ups to be had. When you run out of lives, it's time to in put your score and see how you've done on the hall of fame.

Keys for rebound were simple. Spacebar to start the game (you may need to wait a second or two for the game to load), p to play, i to read instructions, S for score and Q to quit. In the game itself, all you needed were the left and right arrow keys to move your bat around.

though full audio support was included, the game also had fully working (and indeed easily visible) graphics too, and thus was playable to people with any amount of site, making it perfect for competition.

Unfortunately, with the increasing obsolescence of macromedia flash as a platform Gamevial shut down, and ceased all game development in 2017, handing all their assets to a company known as Ravenwood entertainment, who have bought out some versions of their games that play in Modern browsers. However, Ravenwood have thus far showed no interest in remaking, or rereleasing any of gamevial's audiogames, which is a shame, and of course since the games were online, even though they were originally free it is doubtful anyone else could host them.

Details of the rise and fall of Gamevial can be Found here


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