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Rebuild the universe

title:Rebuild the universe
download page:No link!
genre:Incremental games
platform:Online, web browser
features:text, sound, visuals
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Rebuild the universe is a truly godlike incremental game. The goal is simple, starting from just one atom, continue to make various objects as your universe expands. The more things you make, the bigger your universe gets and the more atoms you generate. As you build things, earn specials to increase the gains from buildings and bonuses to increase your production even further. Eventually of course, the universe will become too large to go on expanding, at which point it's time to feed your pet black hole and start up with another creation, using the mass from your previous universe to build something bigger and even more impressive.

the game is easy to play, though does require good use of screen reader navigation functions. At the top of the page is a button to disable/enable the background music in the game, under which is the game's tutorial, there then follow various tabs for viewing your units, specials, bonuses etc, including options and your game resetting blackhole, under which is displayed the size of your universe and total number of atoms per second you're earning, with the details of whatever thing your looking at noted under that along a table to buy numbers of that thing. Since the list of tabs appears as a list item, you can use your screen reader's list function (l in NVDA), to go directly to it.

Under this information is the list of units to buy (or specials or bonuses if your looking at those items), This will list the group the unit belongs to (EG quantum, micro, stellar etc), and a link with the unit's name, such as quantum foam, neutrino or cell membrane. Clicking the link for the unit type will show you the description at the top of the list, whilst using the buttons next to it will buy that amount of that unit. Since there is a handy "next" button, which will helpfully only become enabled when you can buy enough units to unlock the next unit up the chain. Indeed, for the ultra lazy, you can even go into the options (hit the space monster tab), and disable all of the buttons accept for the "next" button, so that all you need to do is wait around until one next button becomes enabled.

The specials and bonuses pannels work in a similar way, though note the amount of each unit needed to buy it's corresponding special or bonus.

The only part of the game which is entirely inaccessible, is the achievements screen, however, since the achievements appear in an alert box at the bottom of the game screen, your screen reader should tell you automatically when you get one, or indeed when new bonuses or specials become available.

With mesmerising music, a relaxed production cycle, and some lovely descriptions of wonders of the world and universe to build, from angel falls to the star Rigel, rebuild the universe is almost more a meditative experience than a game, albeit a highly beautiful one, and thus definitely recommended for anyone loves the marvels of creation, from the smallest subatomic particles, to the largest galaxies.


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