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genre:Arcade Games
platform:Windows, Mac
release:April 2021
last edit by:jack


Released as part of the NoVideoJam Independent Game Jam of 2021, Piotr Machacz has brought this arcade classic of Playstation fame into the audio gameosphere. This audio rendition of the track and field arcade title is sure to bring you quite a challenge.
Run a hundred meter sprint in as little time as possible. Simple? Think again. Use alternating shift keys to run, but be careful not to hit them at the same time or you will trip up!
Test your longjump ability by running fast enough and timing your release just right. This is just a warmup for what's to come...
You guessed it. Hurdles. Running just fast enough can prove to be quite a challenge due to the narrow window of opportunity to jump, plus the fact that you can now once again trip. If you miss your jump or don't jump quickly enough, the hurdle will give you the opportunity of a lifetime to do the splits during the event, one which the dynamic crowd will grow worried of...and it'll hurt too.
Bringing it on home is the slalom race. Avoid the gates in alternating directions, but avoid riding on the walls for too long. Twenty gates and you win!
The game is for both Windows and Mac, and supports both a keyboard and joystick. If using a joystick, you will have rumble feedback for extra realism.
With a retro soundscape similar to the arcade classics, and some challenging gameplay, this game is sure to bring you quite a challenge. While the gamejam obviously doesn't leave time to flesh out games like this to include an achievements system, the game does allow you to generate a roundup of your results to throw into the faces of your good for nothing foes online!
No hurdles were harmed in the making of this game.


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