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River raiders

title:River raiders
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:X site interactive
release:December 2010
last edit by:Dark


When your friend Bianca tells you about a haunted river containing lots of treasure, there's really nothing else for it but to strap on a diving mask and go and explore. unfortunately, "haunted" is rather an understatement, and while the waters are ful of floating coins and rather odd keys, there is an equal amount of ghosts and monsters waiting for unwary divers. At least you'll impress the Scheptical Bianca though, ---- even if you do get eaten down there. This is the situation in river raiders, the rather creepy collection style game from x site interactive.

Using the arrow keys to swim left and right or dive and surface, your mission is to collect as many coins as possible in five minutes. This however is easier said than done. For a start, you can only hold your breath for 80 seconds and so will need to keep coming back up to the surface to replenish your air supply (listen out for Bianca's radio warnings to know when to come back up). Of course, the river is far from empty. The monster that originally killed the treasures' owners, not to mention the deceased souls of the owners themselves are stil floating about. Ghosts will make you drop some of your collected coins, while the monster will end your mission in a rather nasty way. Fortunately, there are some things in the river to help you. Super bonus bells that will give you extra time or coins, and floating keys you can use on bonus booths to gain more air or time. Even with the bonus items though, things aren't that simple, as they may also spawn more monsters if your unlucky.

Grab enough loot and you will show Bianca a thing or too, or indeed get a place on the local top ten. For the expert treasurehunter there's a global top ten on X site as well that provides some very tough competition to challenge you.

The game is entirely self voicing. With great music, a very creepy atmosphere down in the river, and some challenging and random gameplay this is certainly recommended, especially for fans of arcade style games.

Though X site interactive are no longer around, the game is still available thanks to the very awesome Audiogames archive site.


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