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Robo E

title:Robo E
download page:No link!
genre:Puzzle Games
release:March 2013
features:text, sound, visuals
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Robo E makes accessible one of the greatest and most popular spacial puzzles of the modern age, the puzzle Sokoban, and adds a nice science fiction twist. Playing as the rather confused little robot Robo E it is your job to clean up the galaxy by pushing balls of toxic waste through space onto energy rings where they can be transported away and disposed of, unfortunately, this task is rather more tricky than you might expect.

Sokoban, originally developed by a Japanese mathematician in the late 1980's, is a spacial logic puzzle which has been compared in it's complexity to chess and has even been used to train artificial intellegence programs, as well as being very much enjoyed by people across the world.

The object of the game is very symple. Playing on a grid, you control robo E who can move in the four principle directions, (double tap squares to move). The grid contains three kinds of objects apart from Robo E, walls, balls of toxic waste and energy rings. Robo E can push a single ball by standing in the square next to it and moving forward, (swipe with three fingers to push), however he can't push a ball when it is against the wall or against another ball. The object of each level is to push the balls of toxic waste around the walls and other balls so that they wind up on the energy rings. Once all balls are lined up, the level is finished. Art to the game comes in learning how the balls move and planning out what needs pushing where. For example, if you have a ball, a wall and a ring vertically in a line, with the ball at 2-3, the wall at 2-4 and the ring at 2-5, you'll need to position Robo E to the left of the ball on 1-3, push the ball right into 3-3, move Robo E above the ball to 3-2, and push down three times until the ball is at 3-5, then move robo E right of the ball to 4-6 and push left to get the ball into the ring.

Being compatible with voice over, all on screen elements are spoken, so that you can draw your finger across the grid and get a clear idea of what is in what square much as you would looking at the layout of a chess board. The number of energy balls and rings, and the size of the grid are also listed at the top of the screen to add additional information. The game has literally hundreds of levels, and you can also challenge yourself to try and complete levels using less moves.

Though no demo is available, Robo E will cost just 1 dollar or 69 pence in the ap store, which is pretty good for a game with so many levels.

Robo E is a great example of a classic game that is now accessible due to the touch screen on Ios, but more than that, it's perfect for those who really want a serious mental challenge to their mapping and spacial logic skills.

Aditional Resources

You can go Here for Robo E's page on Applevis Where the comments section contains various tips and level solutions.

You can also Go here for an audio demonstration recorded by Holly from Applevis which shows off several levels of the game. Though it does explain a few solutions, it's also worth noting that the game has far more levels than are shown here.

Happy puzzling.


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