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Rockys 3D Bead Brains Game

title:Rockys 3D Bead Brains Game
download page:link
genre:Traditional games
developer:Rocky waters
release:December, 2016
features:text, sound, visuals
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Though in many ways this game resembles the classic connect four or four in a row game, calling it a "traditional" game is a bit of a stretch.

Played on a board of up raised pegs, the idea is indeed to get four beads in a row. however, where in the classic connect four the counters just drop down to the bottom, or in the classic four in a row they can be placed on a flat board, in the Beads game as you might guess, the play is entirely in three dimensions. This means that like four in a row, you play on a board vertically and horizontally with ranks and columns, however like connect four, you can place one bead atop another in different levels. This makes for a complex game, where you must think a move or two ahead, all in multiple dimensions.

fortunately, complex though the spacial logic seems, the game has been very carefully put together to give you as much help as possible. Moves are described using the rank, column and level of each bead and you can take as much time examining the board as you wish. Many keys are available for jumping around the board and speaking information on where your beads and those of your opponents are, even showing potentially dangerous three in a row sets.

The game comes with extensive help, including an interactive help system for younger players or those new to the game that gives you continual assistance, and can be played against a computer opponent on several skill levels, or against a human at the same computer.

One unique thing about Beads game, is that it contains graphics, graphics which furthermore can be heavily customised and inspected. Rotate the board, change the size, alter the colours, all can be easily done with keyboard shortcuts to insure an even playing field no matter players levels of site.

The game also can be self voicing with ms sapi, or outputs to a number of screen readers including Nvda, jaws, Dolphin supernova, system access or pc talker, best of all it's entirely free.

Happy puzzling.


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