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S.E.A. Experimental watercraft

title:S.E.A. Experimental watercraft
download page:No link!
genre:Adventure Games
platform:Web, windows, Mac Linux
release:January, 2021
features:text, sound
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If you are wondering why this isn't listed as a simulation game, think again. ShiftBacktic has been responsable for some of the most enervative, and down right weird audiogames we've seen recently, with games like Sound strider, and Auroborus, stretching both limits and concepts, and S.E.A, is no exception.

Lying in your military grade experimental water craft, your mission is simple, test the craft by cruising around in the ocean, perhaps picking up some of those treasures said to be floating in mysterious caverns below. What the game involves however, is a far more rich and complex audio experience, with navigation in full 3 dimensions. Hear the sea scape ripple, and change around you as you descend into a plane of underwater life, navigate through a maze of randomly generating underwater caves, and simply relax into the experience as you look for those treasures, waves and ripples will change how your craft moves, though fortunately all you need to worry about is exploring.

Played with a gamepad and even haptic feedback or traditional keyboard controls, the game has much of the same access as sound strider, with deep and rich environments, customisable audio levels and an easy interface working directly in the browser of your choice with seemless interaction with your screen reader, .

Downloadable versions for Windows, Mac and Linux, along with full instructions can be found on the above site, or you can just Dive straight in, with your browser of choice, just remember to Go here to check the game manual

The game will likely be coming to thee Steam platform soon, so those who want to support Shiftbacktic's work, might want to Go here to add to their Steam wishlist>

Happy exploring, and don't get lost at S.E.A.


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