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Saints in sin city

title:Saints in sin city
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genre:Interactive fiction
developer:Malinch Entertainment
last edit by:Dark


With Malinche vanishing from the internet in 2014, shortly after announcing their interactive fiction games were no longer available, Saints in Sin city, along with their other interactive fiction can no longer be bought or played.

Who wants to be a spy? Welcome to an interactive fiction game which lets you do just that. your a spy with Her majesty's secret service, you have a license to kill, free rain, a backup squad from everyone from Mossad to the Us navy, ---- and you've got a terrorist to find.

This is the principle of Saints in sin city. A luxury hotel and casino is shortly to open in LAs Vegas, and intelligence says that there's a terrorest cell out to make a massive strike. As the master spy you are, you've been called in to find the plot, expose the bad guys and of course save the day, ---- tuxedo and gun very much included. Explore exotic locations, call people in for interviews and try not to let all the glitz and glitter destract you from your mission, sinse poison, gas, bombs or who knows what could be in the offing for this evening's grand surprise.


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