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Sammy Senter

title:Sammy Senter
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Samtupy productions
release:March 2014
last edit by:Dark


Sammy senter (formally known as Game suite), is a collection of small arcade games and audio toys (most with a heavy action element), ideal for a quick brain resting break. The games that have scores also have a scoreboard to keep track of your achievements, everything is self voicing with Ms Sapi, and best of all the hole thing is free.

The collection contains:

  • Avoid the beeps: A game somewhat similar to Run for your life (though both Oriol and Sammy came up with their projects independently). Avoid the descending beeping objects by running and jumping in a 2d side scrolling environment, earning more points the longer you last.

  • Cat and dog: Playing as the eponymous cat, run around a closed arena in four directions to avoid the unpleasant canine who wants nothing better than to take a chunk out of you. Win by surviving for a full two minutes.

  • Shoot the target: Load up your gun with the control key and listen to the rather futuristic sounding target passing left to right, and fire with space when it's in the centre.

  • Car chase: Hit the arrows rapidly to run, and the up arrow to jump to avoid the crazy car trying to run you down. Find the gun and blast the mad auto away to win.

  • Relax/pause area: Whether or not this counts as a game is unclear. Wander around a peaceful scene looking for the beeping teleporters, and finding out where they take you, see where what sort of environments and sounds you can explore.

  • tts side scroller:Run with the arrows and use space for your laser gun as you run down your own psychotic tts, you can even type in a phrase for it to say. With different movement patterns, don't expect the same stratogy to work more than once.

  • Water escape: Fall off a boat into the sea and try to swim in four directions to find the beach before you become sharkbate. Use the spacebar to jump in coordination with the arrow keys, and the c key to check your coordinates. Find the beach (and hopefuly safety), running left to right at coordinates 151.

  • Guess the number: A classic guess the number game where you can specify the range of numbers the computer uses for you to guess.

  • Money fall: As you fall from 1500 feet down to the ground, use the arrows to navigate in four directions and catch the descending cash.

  • Balloon popper: Run left and right and swing away to destroy balloons in the time limit, choosing either between your fists or knife (fists does less damage, but earns more points).

  • Lightning power: Run left and right with the arrows and check your position with the C key. Your objective is to strike an evil (and strangely mobile), haunted house with lightning to destroy it. At position ten you will do most damage, but are also at risk of death if the house hits you, how long will you last?

  • Wall breaker: Trapped in a room with high walls on all sides but a hoard of vicious enemies battering them down, your job is simply to survive as long as possible. You do this by running around the room in four directions with the arrows, picking up pieces of wood that have fallen from the cieling. check the wll strength with the s key, and your available wood with the w key. When a wall seems to be getting damaged, run to it and hit enter to perform a very quic repair. Who knows, you might be able to live as long as 2 minutes.

  • Santa save: Father christmas has a problem. His slay is stalled in snow, and a decidedly creepy beast is trying to destroy it. Your object is to defeat the beast first. Run through the snow in side scrolling fashion with the arrow keys, and use space to attack, hopefully being able to knock off the beastly beast before it reaches the far left of the playing field where the slay is located. The only problem, once the beast is defeated, the next level will present you with a tougher, and faster version. How long can you keep santa safe and how many slays full of presents can you send out?
  • Exit the fun way: Yes, in Sammy centre even exiting can be fun. Rather than the boring old hitting of escape, run around in four directions in this spacelike area, trying to get to the exit teleporter before ten seconds have passed and you find yourself zapped back to the bottom left corner of the area.

In addition to the games, Sammy Senter also contains a couple of text utilities to play with your tts, and a piano for the musically inclined.

Happy gaming.


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