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Scape skate

title:Scape skate
download page:link
developer:Talon (previously DragonApps)
release:November 2011
last edit by:Dark


Scape Skate is a game that represents several firsts. It is the first ever audio only roler scating game and the first game to be developed with the dragon flame game engine It's also highly tricky and a lot of fun.

working on something of the principle of a side scroller, you can use your arrow keys to scate left and right, up arrow to scate up walls or half pipes, and space bar to jump. The game involves scating through a short stage in the park attempting to earn the most points by successfully navigating a number of obstacles while performing tricks, and avoiding kissing the pavement in what scaters refer to as a face plant.

Gameplay is surprisingly challenging and will require timing and practice. To get across a half pipe for instance, you need to scate until the sound of the pipe is in the center (the ascending woop woop tone), then hit space to jump and immediately hit right arrow and up, then switch to holding the up arrow to grab the edge of the pipe and grind along it, optionally hitting right arrow when you come to the end of the pipe or hitting spacebar to enter trick mode where you can press different arrow keys to engage in acrobatics, --- but note that failing a trick will severely harm your score, though you can always earn extra points by jumping and grabbing some items along the way (provided this doesn't make you miss a half pipe in the process).

With some nice music and some sound affects, you'll be looking for cuts on your chin if you fail too badly, though undoubtedly it is the challenging gameplay that makes scapeskate unique. Also, as an added bonus the game is completely free, though you can find a donation link on the dragonaps website if yu want to show some appreciation for the game financially.

To find out more about Dragonaps, you can visit The dragonaps page on the Audiogames Archive site

Happy skating.


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