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Screaming Strike

title:Screaming Strike
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:nyanchan games
release:April 2013
last edit by:Dark


Screaming strike is a fun and funny arcade title which is perfect for getting out your frustrations on. The principle is very simple, various enemies (not all of them human), will charge at you from the left center or right hand sides of the playing area (move around with the arrow keys). Fortunately, this oncoming hoard aren't too sturdy and only one punch from your mighty fist (swing with control key), is enough to send them flying to their doom. If they reach you however, you will find yourself suffering a quick (and noisy), death. How long can you stay alive?

The game can be played in two modes, normal or arcade. In the normal mode everything comes down to quick fire reactions. In arcade mode however, the game is mixed up by a number of items that fall onto the playing area, which can range from the helpful and destructive mega ton punch, to slowdowns, or even a blur which will make telling your position on the sterrio field rather more difficult.

each mode has it's own scoreboard online, so when you eventually fall to the oncoming enemy hoards you can enter your name for posterity. You can View the scoreboard here since score is based not only on how many enemies you send flying but also the accuracy of your fisticuffs, you will need to play carefully if you want to attain a high score, also note that the game keeps log entries of all your battles should you want to check your statistics (see the same game log for details).

Despite extremely symple gameplay what shines in Screaming strike are the sound effects. A huge number (nearly a hundred), of various commical sounds for despatching your enemies have been added to the game, emphasised with some less than serious music, which make this ideal for five minutes quick murder.


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