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Screaming strike 2

title:Screaming strike 2
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:nyanchan games
platform:Windows, Mac
release:May, 2019
last edit by:Dark


Back in 2012, Nyanchan games developed Screaming strike, a game of quick and noisy audio murder. After being exhibited at the Tokyo game show in 2018 however, Yukio, the chief developer of Nyanchan games decided to completely rewrite his little time killer into a bigger, badder, nastier and even more screamtastic sequel.

Welcome to Screaming strike 2, one of the most amusing arcade games you'll find. As in the original, the principle is simple, just listen out for enemy footsteps on the left, right or centre, then move across with the arrow keys and hit spacebar to swing your impressive fist to knock said enemies flying when they're in clobbering range. Be accurate with your punches and you'll start earning bonus points, however be too slow, and you'll get a good slapping from your foes, three such slappings and the game is over.

As before, choose to play in normal or arcade modes, with the arcade mode giving you a host of falling power ups to collect/ though bare in mind this time you'll need to wait for the power ups to get close before grabbing them. Notable power ups include , mega tonne punch which lets you hit at longer distances, penitration which lets you ko more enemies at once plus of course the dreaded destruction, however watch out for having your view blurred, your punching rate slowed down or your fists shrunk.

The game also contains a classic mode, which has the same difficulty curve and rules as the previous game without some of the extra bells and whistles such as the bonuses.

Best of all, the game has been revamped to add far more foes whose wales of death you'll hear when you manage to clobber them, there is even a scream collection where, should you KO ten of the same sort of enemy, you can go and listen to their shreaks for amusement value. With screams contributed by several members of the audiogames.net community (including some idiot called Dark and his very dramatic wife), just remember the old saying, gotta punch em all!

The above link will download the windows version, whilst The mac version can be found here

Carry on screaming!


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