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Seed ship

title:Seed ship
download page:No link!
genre:Adventure Games
developer:John Ayliff
platform:Web browser, Android, Ios
last edit by:Dark


It has happened. The end of the world has come and planet earth has been destroyed. The last 1000 humans have been packed into cryogenic storage and loaded onto a spaceship in hopes of founding a new human colony somewhere out there in space. The momentous choice of where to found this colony is left up to the ship's artificial intelligence program.

This is where the game begins. Take control of the ship's Ai and see if your capable of making the tough decisions for humanity's future. Planets might be too hot, too cold, or teaming with dangerous alien life, however, is a better alternative right around the corner? Also, since the further out in space you go the more chance there is of the ship being damaged and you losing vital scientific and cultural information which humanity will need for it's future, is it better to play it safe and take the current planet with it's problems? or wait and see if there is a better alternative around the next star cluster. On the other hand, it is possible your ever expanding ai routines could help in your choice, perhaps expanding your ability to narrow down planets with breatheable atmospheres or earth type gravity.

Seedship is a short and simple game to play, if an extremely addictive one. Just read the info on each page, and hit the links to decide what to do, whether to found your colony, move on, or launch a survey. All the links are fairly standard and the game is entirely text based, making it ideal for screen readers, there is also a version in the google store for Android enabled devices and one in the Ios ap store.

One unique thing about Seedship, is that the game has a personal scoreboard. View your past colonies and learn how the humans got on, then look at how you achieved your score and try to perhaps consign humanity to a better fate in the future, though note that as the game saves by using a cookie, clearing your browser's cash will also wipe the history of your previous exploits.

The game is entirely free to play, though those who wish to donate and support the developer in creating further games can do so via the popular funding site Patrion.

Happy colonizing.


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