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Sequence storm

title:Sequence storm
url:No link!
download page:link
genre:Rhythm action games
developer:Special Magic Games LLC
release:December, 2018
features:text, sound, visuals
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EXTREME RHYTHM ACTION meets FUTURISTIC RACING in this story-driven game. Press the buttons in time to the music to build up speed and power, using either a gamepad or keyboard. Strategize your use of special abilities to speed past the competition. Earn credits by completing missions and customize your racing rig. Race 46 increasingly twisty tracks with 5 difficulties each, offering something for everybody from casual to insane. Challenge your friends in split screen mode.

STORY CAMPAIGN: Follow Elijah Gale through 60 missions, with two difficulties. Elijah is a down-on-his-luck engineer who accidentally finds a lucrative new career as a "daemon." Discover a world where megacorporations have found a new use for human minds; doing their digital bidding in The Sequence, where speed is the only thing that matters. Earn credits and upgrade Elijah's rig.

Sequence Storm is a rhythm game that was released in late 2018. In July 2019, the developer began incorporating tons of accessibility features for blind players. The game now has a screen reader feature, which will be offered to you the first time you start, this can either copy text to the clipboard (handy if you have certain NvdA addons), or outputs to Sapi. It also has 2 audio queue modes, which replace the visual note indicators with sound queues, making it playable for everyone with no vision.

At its core, playing this game is a little like playing Rhythm Rage. You hear a sequence of sounds and have to press buttons to repeat them. However, while this is going on you're in a racing vehicle shooting down a track, racing against other racers. Get the notes right and you gain speed, eventually filling up a boost meter allowing you to skip notes and go even faster. Miss a sequence and you'll not only slow down but take damage. Keep messing up and you'll explode!

The game also includes a story, which will be presented to you between missions. As you play, more features will become available to you, allowing you to upgrade your racer so that it accelerates faster, has more health or loses less speed while cornering. The missions may also sometimes force you to play in a different way, IE to stay stealthy.

The base game is free to play, allowing you access to acts one and two of the story campaign. The remaining two acts are offered as downloadable content, each individual act being $7. Thus, acts 3 and 4 are available for $14, and there are several other extras up for grabs. To get the game, you will need a Steam account. If this is your first time using Steam, have a look at This guide
The game is also available on itch.io, though note that due to the game's very recent switch to a freemium model, the game is not yet free to download, and the acts 3 and 4 dlc's are not available. However, purchasing the game on Itch still gives you the full story campaign, and all the other dlc's are available.

thanks to Pitermach for providing this description.


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