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Shadow line Full voice

title:Shadow line Full voice
download page:link
genre:Japanese games
developer:Galaxy Laboratory
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


This is a much more advanced version of the original Shadow Line. The storyline remains the same, but of course one of the newest features, as the title says, is that there is now full voice acting for the game. Other new features include character specific techniques that can be earned at various points in the world, an entirely new dungeon, new music, and improved bonus content after you've cleared the game once. There are more unlockable difficulties as well.


The system for carrying over your statistics is different in this game. Instead of just carrying them all over, once you load your save from a completed game, you are placed in the bonus shop. Here, you spend bonus points, earned after each completion of the game, to choose which statistics you want to carry over, adn to unlock extra features, such as other modes of play and new difficulties.

Both versions of Shadow Line are worth playing, but this one in particular is an experience unlike anything else.

Note that this game will need to be translated from the original Japanese or you will need some working knowledge of japanese to play. Instructions on what software is required to translate and play the game and how to use it can be found here.

Thanks to Bladestorm360 for extra information on the game.


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