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She noire

title:She noire
download page:No link!
genre:Audio Adventures
platform:Windows, mac
release:July 2014
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Pitermach


Entry update by pitermach: In April 2022, the Audiogame association overhalled their infrastructure, which also included the activation system of their games. Unfortunately many of their older titles including this one could not be updated. As a result, this game is no longer available for purchase. You can read the developer’s official announcement in the other news section of the March 2022 monthly digest

As you might expect, She Noire is an adventure game set in the world of spies, murders, plots among the rich and powerful to change the world, and of course dangerous ladies with guns. The heroin in question is Sophia. By day she is a police detective in Trinitatis police force. By night, she's the mysterious Black viper, the world's finest thief and assassin, yet in neither of these guises has Sophia managed to solve the riddle of her own past.

When Eva Lumenis, wife of the powerful playboy count Lumenis is found dead, Sophia begins an investigation of his mantion. The Count however is looking for more than just the clearing of his name from the beautiful Sophia, a connection she is bound to exploit. Yet, this is far more than just a murder investigation and soon sophia will find herself lost in a dark world where nothing is quite as it seems and even murder appears to be the lesser of evils.

Some parts of She Noire play much like Ticon blu's first title, The inquisitor. Either use the arrows to select objects or places to go, and then select actions to perform on them. This is the way you open hidden boxes, use items like lockpicks, and even grab weapons for defending yourself. Interspersed with this however are portions of the gameplay in which Sophia's skills as an investigator needed. In these parts of the game, it is necessary to track around an audio field with the arrow keys, in order to find and note a number of objects in the current environment. You will be told what objects you are required to find and then need to look around for the clues like the skilled detective you are. In the normal mode of the game there is just your patience at stake, however the skill mode presents you with a number of scenarios with decreasing time limits in which you must methodically search different environments for various items.

The game can be played in English or Italian and costs just 5 Euroes for Pc and mac. Though an Ios version was previously available, it has sadly vanished from the ap store.

With an immersive sountrack that highlights the game's stylish ethos, some great acting and an intriguing story, She noire is certainly a game for fans of all things Noire. The adventure portions of the game are also rather easier than those in Inquisitor, meaning that the story moves along nice and quickly and thus making the game a perfect introduction to audio adventure games for anyone who hasn't tried this genre before.

Happy crime solving, the game is afoot!


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