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Shooter nostalgic

title:Shooter nostalgic
download page:link
genre:Space invaders Games
developer:nyanchan games
release:may, 2020
last edit by:Dark


In an effort to help everyone get through the Covid 19 crisis, Yukio Nozawa of Nyanchan games dug something out of his old projects folder, polished it up and released it out to do battle with the unsuspecting gaming community. Blow off steam, or just rest your brain by blowing up wave after wave of nasty little alien spaceships in an effort to wrack up as high a score as possible and earn a good position on the score board.

Controls are simple, left and right to point your gun, left control to fire, and alt f4 to exit the game.

The nostalgia of the games' title both recalls such audiogame classics as Troopanum, but also the golden age of 8 bit gaming, since Shooter nostalgic has a sound pallet and awesome background music that could've come straight off the nes, as well as some very familiar ship types, lifters, teleporters and so on.

That being said, it also features a nice addictive game difficulty, and a need for a surprising amount of accuracy, and with it's immersive soundtrack and fast action, you'll soon find yourself just dropping straight into the zone and forgetting all your problems; well apart from the invading alien hoards.


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