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Shuffle cars

title:Shuffle cars
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Nathan Tech
release:March, 2019
last edit by:Dark


Shuffle cars is a unique and rather interesting puzzle game from Nathan tech in which you must negotiate the worst traffic jam in human history. Based partly on the popular sliding card game rush hour, the idea behind the game is simple to understand, if rather more difficult in practice. Played in a square grid, the object of the game is for the player to try and move their car to coordinates 1-1 and then south to exit the traffic jam. The only problem, is that the grid is absolutely full of other cars which are squashed in bumper to bumper and there is only one empty square, so in order to get their own car to where it needs to go, the player will need to slide the other vehicles around each other horizontally and vertically to create room.

The game therefore somewhat resembles the slide puzzles such as Lworks Slide, or BG 15 puzzle, though of course in Shuffle cars players just need to get one car to the bottom left square, not change the configuration of the hole board.

Fortunately, the controls for the game are quite easy, use the arrows to look around the grid, e key to view the empty square, and c to check your coordinates. You can also always check the empty square position with spacebar. To slide the cars around, use the j k l and I keys to move in the cardinal directions.

If all this is sounding a bit too easy (especially for slide puzzle fanatics), several options exist to make the game more challenging. You can alter the size of the grid from 5 to a massive 40 x 40 size for a truly epic game. You can also choose to play against the clock, with a limited number of turns to complete the puzzle. Finally, for a real challenge, play in nightmare mode the board contains closed roads which no cars move into, thus forcing you to find alternative ways around for your car.

With output to NvdA Jaws and microsoft Sapi, some epic and sweet music, and some appropriately automotive sound effects, there should be no complains with the game's presentation, especially considering the game is %100 free, though be warned you might end up banging your head against a wall in road rage, or possibly puzzle rage.

Drive safely.


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