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download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Draconis Entertainment
platform:Mac, Windows
release:January 2013
last edit by:Dark


Welcome to the Silverdollar saloon, the roudiest, fightinist and generally disreputalest wateringhole in all the old west. Of course, whether you've visited it before in the Esp Pinball titles or or whether this is a first time visit, you can be sure your in for a wild evening's action.

The actual Saloon takes the form of a number of small minigames. Starting a brawl resembles the old Esp whoopass game, with you having to block punches left right and centre, while trying to make your reputation as a gun fighter involves careful sound targeting of crockery throne by the meanest barmaid this side of the Mexican boarder. If on the other hand you prefer gambling, the one armed bandit is ready to take your dollar coins in return for a chance at winning the big jack pot. The game also features comical ambience, and very easily navigable menus with full instructions.

The windows port of the game can be downloaded at the above link, which will gain access to most of the minigames, though note the full version costs two dollars. You can buy the Mac version Here on the mac ap store

For more information about the game, you can hear This podcast review by David Woodbridge which will demonstrate the interface, along with the shooting and one armed bandit minigames. Further information can also been found on Silver dollar's page on the applevis site

Happy gaming.


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