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Six ages: Ride like the wind

title:Six ages: Ride like the wind
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genre:Strategy Games
release:June, 2018
features:text, sound, visuals
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Six ages: ride like the wind is the long awaited Sequel to the amazing Role playing and strategy classic King of dragon pass. Journey once more into the world of Glorantha, a world where the whims of gods and spirits are part of everyday life, where trolls and creatures wait behind every tree and bush and ordinary men and women must consider magic and myth as much part of daily survival as vital as food or grazing land.

The great golden city has fallen, and the cruel storm god Orlanthe rains supreme. Clans of sun worshippers now scatter far and wide, some ride, some on wheels. Your clan has settled in a rich valley and hopes to make a home and prosper here despite the depredations of other clans, the caprice of the gods, and above all those hairy barbarians, the Orlanthi.

Those familiar with King of dragon pass will likely already have a good idea of how this game works. Guide a clan of bronze age warriors to victory whilst maintaining their food supply, making hard choices, in a hostile land and trying to make piece with other clans. As in King of dragon pass, you have a circle of advisers to help you, however bare in mind that those advisers will have different perspectives according to the gods they worship and their over all attitude.

Apart from the chance to see events from the perspective of those the Orlanthi referred to scathingly as "horse spawn", along with all new adventures, gods and lore to learn, Six ages has several gameplay refinements over the previous game. One of them is exploration, than having to choose a hex on a map, in Six ages, you simply select a destination and double tap. You also get the chance to understand more of the spirits of the world, as well as engage more actively in an ongoing story of your clan's history, even undertaking ventures such as building houses or enacting rituals to the gods over time.

Combat has also received a major over hall, with more complex choices and a deal more work required than simply pumping blessings into the right rituals to win.

As with king of dragon pass, the accessibility here is flawless, especially in such a complex game. The "advice" button as before will give you a set of advisers to choose between, whilst you can skip between the requisite screens from the right hand menu. Also, be sure to keep a watch on your clan's stats, especially their amount of food or cows (the riders, unlike the Orlanthi are not quite as agrarian, so you might find food more of a concern here). Just be sure to have hints enabled in voiceover, and remember that having vertical navigation on your Roter can sometimes be of help.

Complex though the game is, a very detailed tutorial will slowly introduce you to all aspects of gameplay and help you on your first steps, which should hopefully make the learning curve here a little easier.

The game costs 10 Usd, and while there unfortunately isn't a demo available, the game is occasionally on sale.

With a beautiful soundtrack, and even textual descriptions on the art work which give Visually impaired players the chance to enjoy all of the game's atmosphere, extra sound effects, and a rich evolving story set in a world with its own complex lore and history, with over 400 random events and choices to make, like the previous game, this is one you will be playing for quite some considerable time.

Aditional resources

As is usual on Ios Six ages has A page on Applevis found hhere, you can also check out The six ages wiki found here for help and tips.

King of dragon pass is one of the most astounding games on Ios, and the fact that there is now a sequel should be good news to many people. Suffice it to say, if your a fan of complex stories, detailed strategic choices and amazing fantasy worlds, this game comes highly recommended.


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