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genre:Action Games
features:text, sound, visuals
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Sixthsense is a completely audio zombi horror themed action game for the Iphone. Also featuring some elements of adventure games, the idea is very simple. In a world where cures for skin canser have produced ravening, flesh eating zombies who react to light, the only way to survive is to hunt by hearing. The main thrust of the game therefore involves listening out for various nasties coming at you and doing away with them with a wide selection of weapons before they get close enough to start taking chunks out of you.

As with several audio games, zombies will appear from five directions, far right, near right, center, near left or far left, and you need to aime in the correct direction to do them in (assuming they are in range). The unique thing however, is that aiming your weapon is done by sliding your finger in different directions. To shoot a zombi to the right for instance, you need to swipe straight right, while tato hit a monster on the near right you need to swipe diagonally up and right, (towards the northeast). Of course zombies ahead can be attacked by hitting centrally, and those to the left can be similarly disposed of by swipes straight or diagonal left. When using a gun, swiping downwards can reload. All of these are explained in the game's tutorial which gives you chance to practice the directions explaining them via the faces of a clock.

The game is more than a simple arcade action fest however, since various sorts of zombies will put in appearences, getting faster and harder to take out, right up to huge boss zombies. Obviously more nasty types of zombies can be less of a problem when you up your weaponry, and this is where the adventure game like aspect comes in, since each kill, (especially when you manage to take out a zombi with a headshot), nets you more coins which can be used in the game's shop to buy a number of weapons including a shotgun, Ak47 and even a devastating Japanese sword. Each weapon as well as being more damaging also has a different range and wrate of reloading, so learning to handle different weapons effectively is also part of the game, (you can swich weapons with a double finger tap)

The game is also quite unique in it's access, since rather than outputting to Voice over, it has it's own self voicing mode which will speak any button you hit, This will turn on automatically when you turn voice over off, though note that Voice over is needed to handle some pages throughout the game.

The game is entirely free to download and play, however if your having trouble accumulating enough gold to pay for all of those weapons you can spend some real world money to buy gold in the game. it is also likely that other items and special sales may become available at different times as well.

With player rankings and the ability to use facebook to gift coins to your friends, this is also distinctly a game that will appeal to competitive players, as well as solo zombi hunters.

Sixthsense is a great example of how to take a simple concept and make it extremely unique and a lot of fun, with plenty of different elements, and is thus certainly recommended to anyone who has an Iphone and a strong dislike for zombies.


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