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Slender: lost vision

title:Slender: lost vision
download page:link
genre:First person adventure
developer:Talon (previously DragonApps)
release:January 2015
last edit by:Dark


Slender: lost vision is a truly terrifying audio horror game from Dragonaps featuring the mysterious and deadly Slenderman see Wikipedia page, a frightening and unknown creature who sends recording equipment hay wire, can teleport and who's powers and origins are as synister as they are unknown.

The game begins when you, the game's protagonist finally become convinced that the amount of disappearences in the fenced of forest close to your house is due to a paranormal and mysterious force, The Slenderman. Sinse Slenderman does not show up on cameras, you resolve to gather some evidence by going into the forest one night with your audio recorder. As you enter, you discover a scrap of paper with one single message "you can't run"

Actual gameplay begins in the darkened woods as you must walk around in a first person perspective attempting to collect eight pages of paper pertaining to the Slenderman. Of course, your not alone in the woods and the more frantic the crackling static on your recorder sounds, the closer Slenderman is getting and when you here a huge directional burst of static that is Slenderman himself. look directly at Slenderman, or indeed avoid looking at him for too long and he'll head streight for you, thus gameplay revolves around bating the monster just enough to allow you to pick up the 8 pages of evidence your seaking.

Movement is fairly easy to understand to anyone who's played any first person audio games before, use w and s to move forward or backwards, sidestep with the a and d keys and use the mouse or arrows to turn, hold shift to run (though bare in mind you can only do this for a limited amount of time). To make the game both as atmospheric and realistic as possible there are no audio kews beyond a single big you can sound to indicate north. Also note that the forest map with it's many trees (plus a single tunnel which might be a safe place to hide from Slenderman), is randomized each game to increase the level of mystery and challenge.

For a horror game, it is the atmosphere and ambience that is important and Slenderman certainly doesn't disappoint with a fully dark and rich sounding forest complete with all the blare which vibes, and several layers of static representing Slenderman that really emphasise how unknown this character is even on audio, not to mention a truly creepy background melody for the game's menu.

The only none scary thing about the game is it's price, sinse Slenderman: lost vision is entirely free, so while it may cause you to vanish, it fortunately won't do the same to the contents of your bank account.

To find out more about Dragonaps, you can visit The dragonaps page on the Audiogames Archive site

Beware of Slender!


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