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Slide is Lwork's take on the popular slide puzzle format. In a slide puzzle, you have a gride of tiles with one empty space and have to slide them around each other so that they form a pattern with the empty space at the bottom right hand corner. Lworks Slide offers several options to play. You can choose to play a 3 x 3 grid, where you need to arrange the numbers 1-8, or the more common 4 x 4 grid with the numbers 1-15 needing to be slid into place. The fewer moves you manage to get the puzzle together into, the better your score.

As a unique alternative, Lworks slide also lets you play with scrambled eight letter words instead. This provides an additional anagram challenge as compared to the Slide puzzle, since if you can guess the word without having it spelt out to you you'll earn more points over all.

Controls in the game are very easy, just move around with the arrows, slide tiles into the empty spot with the shift and enter keys, and use F1 to hear your words. The game uses Ms Sapi as it's output. The game is mostly free to play, however a donation of five usd to Lworks unlocks a couple o extram modes, such as tone mode, where you have three tones with the tiles to match instead of numbers or letters, and fifteen letter word scramble mode for the budding anagram junkies. .

For more on Lworks and their games you can Visit the Lworks page on the Audiogams archive site

Happy sliding.


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