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Smash the gangs

title:Smash the gangs
download page:No link!
genre:Action Games
developer:EDuardo Chimenos Sanchez de Badajoz
release:December, 2019
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Possibly due to Apple's stupidity in arbitrarily canning his first game, the developer of Fruit pot, returns with something much bigger, badder and angrier.

As we all know, the wild west was; well wild, with outlaws, desperados, roustabouts, hoodlums, crooks and varmints everywhere you went. In smash the gangs, you get to higher and upgrade your own crew of mean mercenaries to tackle the local scum and protect the few innocent towns people.

During the game, you will take on missions pitting six of your gang against the enemy. The main battle area takes up most of the screen, and is comprised of a 3 x 3 grid rather like the numbers 1-9 on a phone pad. During the brawl, three of your gang will fight automatically against three of the enemy, with the grid split into 3 lanes. You can touch each lane to find out the life of the fighters there, and can swipe left and right across the grid to tag in spare gang members if your crew are getting the worst of it, (listen out for Vo to speak the commentary of what's happening in the fight). You can also perform a swipe up each lane to attack the hoodlum in that lane directly, (handy if an enemy is close to the KO and you just want to push them over the edge).

In addition to the basic auto battling mechanics, you can also use special items such as chucking hardware at your enemy, or using coffee or snake oil to give your team a buff. This is done by performing more complex gestures across that 3 x 3 grid, for example, swiping an l shape left and then down. To learn and practice these gestures, use the "practice" button in the games' help dialogue.

In addition to fighting 3 x 3, you can also engage in one on one battles. In these fights, a single one of your gang takes on a crook in a mano a mon fight, with karate kicks, body blows, and round house puches, all activated by a similar gesture system to the special items in the main game, though be sure to also practice these gestures before trying them out.

The game has several modes of play. During the mission mode, you get a small story, and then get a full brawl style battle, whilst in kick and punch mode, take on a bare knuckle boxing match with one of your team simply to earn cash and prizes.

With the stars and wallars you earn from successful battles, you can not only buy some handy supplies to help you in future brawls, but also upgrade the stats of your team, or use the "tag team option" to higher members with better stats, though don't forget the "manage decks" option to to get rid of anyone you don't need, and remember your maximum team size is just six.

The game is highly accessible with voiceover with all buttons labelled, plus handy announcements for what's happening during the battles (which can be pretty fast), and even includes some atmospherically violent sound effects as well. The game is also %100 free to play, though several items with extra stars, wallars or fighting supplies may be bought as in ap purchases to support the developer.

With monthly items to collect, and an upcoming battle friends option to pit your gang against other players, this is also likely a game which will be expanding in the future, though with already 75 unique missions and more hard cases than you can shake a thorny stick at, there is already plenty of content to keep even the most dedicated trail hand busy.

As always with Ios titles, smash the gangs has It's own page on Applevis found here, where you can also chat to the developer about the game.

Though Smash the gangs undoubtedly has something of a learning curve, the team management style mechanics, item use, and need to actually practice to get the gestures down pat definitely make this one worth putting in the time and trouble, especially obviously more content will be coming in the future. .


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