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Smugglers 5 Invasion

title:Smugglers 5 Invasion
download page:No link!
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Nielsbauer games
release:March 2014
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Smugglers 5 Invasion is the newest game in the Smugglers series and serves as an additional adventure and expantion of the gameplay seen in The original Smugglers 5 (recently renamed Smugglers 5 secession).

It is now the year 2495 50 years after the Secession war. After a long struggle The Federation has immerged victorious and managed to unite humanity. However as Threatened the Syndicate was holding a dark secret, alien allies. The Jalkath, an alien race just as merciless and predatory as the tigers they resemble have arrived in the Barbados system from their own space and have rapidly taken over several Federation systems with quick and brutal attacks. This means that a galaxy only just recovering from one war is plunged into another, which means once again it's time for ambicious traders, ruthless pirates or heroic fleet captains to make a name for themselves in the midst of a battle torn galaxy.

The gameplay in Smugglers 5 Invasion very much resembles Smugglers 5 Secession It has the same six professions and choice of a background story, however now instead of the four factions of the previous game you can choose to work for either the human Federation or the alien Jalkath. Both sides come with some unique skills not seen in the original Secession, several of which can definitely change the needed stratogy, for example the "Duelist" skill lets you remove one of your opponent's active abilities while the Ecm protection skill lets you harm your opponent's ability to counter your missiles. The greater number of skills and different ships also mean that combat in Smugglers 5 Invasion is actually slightly harder than the original Smugglers 5 Secession. Also, don't expect any cease fires or political maneuvers such as those in the previous four faction war, now the only way to win is to take the battle to the enemy's very homeworld and conquer their capital.

The number of the ships and available weapons in the game has also increased. You may for example encounter bomber ships, which have high armor and rely exclusively on missiles, or Kamikaze drones which threaten you with mutual destruction.

Pirates can now also attack and plunder hole planets, earning vast somes of money in the process as they work to calve out their own empire.

The game has an additional 6 star systems belonging to the Jalkath to explore, and many of the special events and events encountered while exploring planets are completely new, often showing the effects of the previous devastating Secession war. In addition the game features some new sound effects and a very epic new musical theme.

Perhaps the most major change comes at the end of the game, sinse while as in Sugglers 5 Secession it's necessary to board and capture a battleship, Invasion introduces a class of ships even larger and more formidable, the huge flying fortresses known as Carriers, ships so powerful they can field an invasion of a new star system on their own. carriers also come with their own tactical gameplay, sinse they have the ability to release bombers (which will let you bombard your opponent with a slue of missiles), or interceptor fighters to shoot down your opponent's bombers and incoming fire. Sinse in Invasion the war will only end when one side or the other captures the opposing faction's capital system, you can expect many exciting space battles before this war comes to a close.

The game costs 25 usd, though various discounts are available for other Smugglers games when bought together. Though no demo version is available, playing Smugglers 5 Secession should give a good idea of what Invasion is like, sinse Invasion basically serves as an expantion to the previous game. Though for a small teaser you can Check out this trailer .

Another unique aspect of Smugglers 5 Invasion is that the game has been created with the idea of Dlc, downloadable content. These are small extra packs of new quests, encounters and background stories. The first, Dlc Aftermath is a small quest available when you earn yourself a Cruser which will give some hints of where the Smugglers universe might be heading in the future. The second, Background stories the warrior within now adds some new background stories that can be played for the Jalkath race, in addition to the "smugglers guild" stories which can also be played in Smugglers 5 Secession. Play a disgraced Jalkath warrior trying to earn back their honour, or seak the legendary Golden claw, an artifact which crowns it's possessor as Emperor of the Jalkath. Go Here for more info on the dlc packs

Smugglers 5 Invasion is also still being improved and updated with bug fixes and changes, so it's recommended that you head over to The updates page To make sure you have the latest version.

If you find yourself getting lost among the 31 star systems, some strange person called Dark has written This textual explanation of how the various systems connect to one another.

If your a Smugglers fan, then Invasion is an absolute must pllay, and if your not a Smugglers fan, well playing Invasion might just make you one.


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