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Snow race

title:Snow race
download page:link
genre:Racing Games
developer:Reality software
release:March 2014
last edit by:Dark


Snow race is a fast action audio game which simulates all the intensive speed and high pressure adrenaline of competitive snowboarding, including it's cool ethos and distinctive lingo. Choose one of a number of characters to take onto the slopes, trying to pull off as many high octane tricks and aerial acrobatics as possible, earning experience and cash which can be used to upgrade your board and gear, and also improve your balance letting you perform even more breath taking stunts. .

Once the race starts, you will begin moving automatically. You will start accelerating immediately until you hit your character's maximum speed, (you can check this by pressing d). To begin, you will hear the sound of your board sliding across the snow in the centre of the stereo field, however once you reach a turn, the direction will be announced and you'll need to use the arrows to turn left and right. You'll hear your board's sound drift over to one side as you approach the edge of the run, (be careful to take turns correctly sins your not going to please your fans with a wipe out).

Occasionally you will hit jumps and find yourself in the air. At this point, use the w and s keys to raise and lower the nose of your board, and hit the arrows to perform tricks, however bare in mind that sins your character has only a limited amount of balance (check this with the e key). You will need to have the nose of your board lowered to land, so don't get too carried away being flashy.

You can race on a number of tracks in different modes, and even create your own track files in notepad with the game's in built scripting. Tracks can be raced in several modes, free ride, an endless run around a track to build up experience and cash, stunt circuit, an attempt to do as many stunts as possible, rally race where you compete against a computer controlled opponent to see who can get around the track fastest and Gate run, where you need to collect flags.

As you complete races you will improve in rank, meaning more events are accessible such as the gate run, and you can move on to harder tracks (initially you will be limited to the beginner's luck track).

With a cool soundtrack, a career mode and a lot to master, this is certainly one for snow boarding fans.

Unfortunately, sins this game was developed so quickly, some of the documentation that initially comes with the game (including the tutorial track), is a little out of date. There is however This guide to tricks which will explain the keys for the game and the tricks it is possible to pull off.

Though reality software is sadly no longer producing games, Snow race is still available thanks to the audiogames archive.

Happy racing.


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