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developer:Esper Labs
features:text, sound, visuals
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In 2015, the developer, Esper labs stated they could no longer run the server for the game, so the status of Solara is currently unknown.

Solara is a very unique and highly accessible game for the Ios platform that combines light elements of stratogy and resource management with the traditional features of an rpg, heroes and questing. In the game you will take over the management of an old, abandoned tower in the fantasy kingdom of Solara and see it's rise to greatness as the home of the most epic heroes of the world.

Part of the gameplay involves recruiting shops onto the floors of your tower (making certain you have enough space), who will provide food and extra money at regular intervals. This money is then used to train your heroes and send them out on quests, either battling the dangerous creatures that can be found across the world, or other teams of heroes.

One very unique thing about Solara is it's story which gets gradually revealed over time as you undertake more quests, since your team of heroes are not merely faceless stats, but have personalities and backstories of their own, indeed you won't be able to have a hero aide you in battle until you've done some quests for them, whether helping Rusty the footman run off a bunch of bandits and recruit an archer, or help out the fearsome huntress earn browny points with the hunters guild by disposing of some particularly dangerous monsters. Battles are automatic, however before each battle you must choose four heroes and the order in which they will fight. Since the different heroes have various abilities that complement each other, paying attention to their strengths and weaknesses will certainly pay off, especially when battling teams of heroes from other towers.

As well as the main story, new quests become available each day against particularly challenging foes, meaning that you should never run out of monsters to test your heroes' metal on.

Though battling other human players is part of the game, losing will only cause you to lose rank and won't affect your over all resources or progress through the story and quests, making this one of the most friendly games of it's type. You can even occasionally send gifts containing food, gold or esper directly to any friends you have on the game center as well, to aide them in their progress. If all that weren't enough the music and sounds are of great quality, making the game extremely atmospheric.

The developers have especially gone out of their way to add access to the game, including to it's atmosphere and setting rather than just the rudiments of gameplay. Thus all the shops of your tower and your heroes are described in full, epic and sometimes quite humerous detail, (just hit the "art description button), even down to the ability to have the different types of outfit for your heroes described and the actions they take in performing their moves in battle.

When you start the game, the Iphone will automatically enter landscape mode with the home button to the right. A short animation will play with the words "in progress" then you'll find yourself in the game. Solara's interface is extremely easy to navigate, particularly because it uses clear lables and a logical principle of layout. On the main screen your stats are at the top, gold, food, esper, and amount of experience to next level, with a number of buttons across the screen such as quests, heroes, options and build give access to in game functions, (these may sometimes be covered by the dayly reward pannel when you first log in, just hit the claime button to move on). In particular take note of the buttons towards the bottom right, "collect money from shops", and "open shops" since you'll be using these a lot. On some menues such as the build menue or arena menue the left top corner has a few tabs, such as tabs for different building types while the main information appears in columns which can be easily flicked through. On the Hero screen the heroes are listed to the left and there stats on the right, with the slots towards the top, so to add a hero to your party simply double tap to display their stats, then either double tap the hero again or to put them in a specific place tap the slot, (note that if you don't specify which slot you want a hero in the slots will be filled in order front to back).

The game is entirely free to play, however donating to the game via in ap purchice can earn esper; a special currency which may be used for a number of handy functions, including buying particularly highly prophitable shops, upgrades to your tower to increase food and gold production, or to get instant refills of resources for training your heroes or sending them out to fight. This however is entirely optional and not necessary to progress in the game, indeed a limited amount of Esper may be found in the main game by either participating in tournaments for rank, by completing certain special quests with your heroes such as the dayly challenge quests, or as a reward for frequent logins to the game.

With an easy layout, a great atmosphere and story, and gameplay that is not too stat heavy or difficult to learn, for all it is still fascinating, Solara is a game that would be great for new users of the Iphone, as well as experienced players, and is thus highly recommended, particularly since more upgrades to the game are likely in the future.

Additional resources.

You can find out more about the game, as well as directly chat to the developers on The Solara page on applevis


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