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Sonar islands

title:Sonar islands
download page:No link!
genre:Adventure Games
developer:Hansjoerg Mikesch
release:April, 2021
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


From the makers of Feer, comes an even more immersive audio adventure. Welcome to sonar islands, virtual places of electricity and sound. Who created them is a mystery, where they came from is unknown, but what is clear, is that they're hear, full of treasure and danger and waiting to be explored.

In the game, each island is a space you can walk around in first person, tapping on your phone screen to step forward, swiping down to go backwards, and using either the gyroscope, swipes left and right, or rotor turning to change direction. The object of the game is to build and upgrade your own set of sonar islands, ranging from the mysterious temple to the surreal ping island. Unfortunately, like most things in life, building islands isn't free. Each island you create comes with up to three treasure chests which will steadily accumulate more gold over time, the more the chests are upgraded, the better their rate of production. The more fun way to get gold however, is to attack the islands of other players and loot their treasures. This is less easy said than done however, since each type of island has its own specialised set of hazards to guard its treasure, from falling rocks and snakes in the temple island, to some of those nasty robots from Feer's factory returning to torment you in the machine hall.

Since if a player successfully attacks your own islands you could lose some of your gold, its also wise to spend some money on upgrading your own island's hazards too.

Successfully attacking an island will earn you lights, and the more lights you have, the higher your place in the sonar islands league, can you make it all the way to the league of eternal light?

The game therefore combines both some addictive first person treasure hunting minigames, and a little resource management and building, as you collect gold from your chests, upgrade your islands and buy more nasty booby traps.

By far one of the main features however, is the frankly amazing audio landscapes of the islands, with ambience so realistic, you'll feel as if you're really there.

The tutorial, training camp and overview areas are available for free, which will let you hear some of the ambience, get an explanation of the different island types, and try out a small audio challenge. To get full access to all the islands, you'll need to buy a subscription costing 3 usd a month, or 25 for a year. In addition, to speed up the rate of upgrades, you can also buy diamonds in the game.

aditional resources

A variety of demonstrations of the different islands have been provided Here on the mentalhome blog, and On their youtube channel, plus forumite Ulises Monge has provided This demonstration of the game

Also, like all Ios titles Sonar islands has Its own page on applevis

With addictive gameplay, a huge amount to unlock, and some of the richest audio landscapes imaginable, Sonar islands is well worth a visit.


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