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download page:link
genre:Strategy Games
platform:Windows, multi platform version available for Mac and Linux
release:2007, ongoing
features:sound, visuals
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sound rts was the first, and sti remains one of the most successful attempts at representing the war strategy genre in audio, indeed rts stands for real time strategy.

replicating some of the gameplay elements of such mainstream titles as Warcraft or command and conquer, in sound Rts you will become the general of an army. The object of the game is to gather resources, build buildings and fortifications, recruit more troops and of course attack and destroy the enemy forces ranged against you.

The game is real time, meaning that there are no distinct game turns as in chess, and the victor will ultimately therefore be the one who can use their time, the resources they find and the strategic building and deployment of their forces to best advantage.

the game is played on a map made up of a number of squares that you can move around with the arrow keys. Each square can contain a number of objects, meadows on which to build buildings and fortifications, mines where your peasants will mine gold to recruit more troops, forests where your peasants will chop wood to build more buildings, and indeed paths to other squares. Any number of your military units can be in a square at one time, and there are lots of units that you can choose to have in your army.

the most basic unit is the peasant. Though pathetic as a fighting force, they can however gather resources and build buildings, allowing you to produce more effective troops such as footmen and archers who can also have their weapons upgraded. Things don't stop there though. Knights, enchanted dark archers, mages who can blast your foes with magic, priests to heal your troops or even bring them back from the dead and indeed necromancers all can be recruited and sent against your enemies. You can even build fortifications to spy out the land or snipe opposing troops from a safe distance, siege weapons or even dragons.

Giving orders to these many sorts of troops is easy though. Just target and use the correct controls to give the order you want, for instance target a forest and order a peasant (or more than one), to go and begin lumber jacking for you. Deploying your units must be done with care , since you never know what your enemy is doing, indeed since this game involves the realistic fog of war, you'll need to scout out the enemy's activities carefully even to discover where they are and stop your troops running into an ambush.

The keys for the game take a little getting used to, with different selection keys for the various unit types or buildings, but soon they become second nature, and various tutorials are available to help.

there is a limited single player mode to the game, and you can also challenge a computer controlled army of various sorts on a truly staggering number of maps, however the real fun of Sound rts comes when you fight against one or more other human players across the internet, even more so now that the feature to have alliances has come into play.

The game comes with a great many maps to play on, but the possibility to build more is also open, indeed even more options such as the ability to build single player missions or even design your own types of troops are being added to the game continually. Sound rts is self voicing with ms sapi on windows though can also output to several screen readers, and may also be played on Mac or Linux.

additional resources

The above link is to the latest alpha version for windows. the Mac and lynux version is here

If people want the last stable 1.0 version of the game, which contains fewer features but has no possibility of bugs (and also uses recorded synth speech), you can Find the windows version here and The mac and lynux version here

If you wish to try making your own maps see this map making guide

the game may be played in a number of different languages, Go here for brazilian Portuguese version.

Here for a chinese version

Here for a German version

here for a spanish version

Here for a French version

Here for an Italian version

Here for a dutch version

Here for a polish version

And finally Here for a russian version

While discussion of the game is very welcome on our forums, there is a Sound rts mailing list here where the game may be discussed.

And to keep up with new versions and progress on the game see the sound rts blog

As the first major attempt at an rts stratogy game in audio, Sound rts has generated a large amount of interest. There is A review on blind cool tech and This tutorial by Brian smart and This tutorial by Che martin

Several of our forum members, Brandan, Lauren, Zack and Francois teamed up to produce This audio walkthru

Nathantech's mods and resources

Nathantech, famous for such games as the cosmic rage mud As well as several other games have constructed many resources for Sound rts including a set of Starwars themed campaign mods with custom units, a modern warfare map, and a more traditional fantasy themed campaign. You can Find all of those resources here

The crazy mod

In addition to the original game, French developer Pragma has developed what is often known as "the Crazy mod" This is effectively a more modified and advanced version of the Sound rts game itself which adds a number of additional elements to it's gameplay to make the game even more unique. These include the ability for the player to choose one of 8 races from Robots who don't need food to survive but have complex (and costly), technology, to a dark race who hurl curses and can raise undead horrors, an elven race with bewitching magic and arrow throwing, and a technical race who utilize modern weaponry like bombs and airships. This adds a huge amount of extra stratogy and choice to the game, and if your a Soundrts fan is highly recommended. You can read about and download the mod Here Also don't worry, though the mod uses Soundrts as it's basis you can download a separate installer of the game so you won't over right the original, indeed in some ways the Crazymod works more like a sequal than a separate game.

As one of the most major achievements by way of audio stratogy, sound rts is definately worth checking out, not the least because the game is continually expanding.

To find out more about Sound rts, you can Visit the Sound Rts page on the Audiogames Archive site


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