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Space Encounter

title:Space Encounter
download page:No link!
genre:Space invaders Games
platform:Mac, Pc, Ios
release:September 2015
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Space Encounter is Ticonblu's take on the popular space invaders style of audiogame, all of which go back to the Atari 2600 days of the classic console, and for many audio gamers, to some classic audiogames as well. For anyone who hasn't run into these before, the principle is very simple to understand and play. Listen out for the descending ships in the sterrio field, scenter them and then blast away. On the pc and mac versions of the game you do this with arrow keys and spacebar to shoot, on the Ios version you turn the phone and tap with two fingers for your guns. When you hear a bleep to indicate your on target. You will also occasionally need to dodge enemy shots, when you hear a series of incoming sonar type sounds, make sure to move your ship out of the current damage area to avoid getting zapped and having your shields reduced, since if they hit zero the battle is over. In addition, if you take too long targeting your enemies, they will run away and dock you points later on, which is particularly likely if you hammer away at your weapons and overheat your guns making them unusable for a while.

As well as bombastic music, a highly excitable co pilot and a huge number of alien ship sounds, Space Encounter also has a number of modes of play. The single battle mode simply lets you fly to one location somewhere in the universe and take on a diverse range of enemies which can be anything from space pirates, to bio mechanical asteroids, to various sorts of nasty aliens, blast away at a few waves and then get your score. Endless mode is more like the classic arcade game, fight ever oncoming runs of enemies in one location until you are finally destroyed, trying to wrack up as larger score as possible. The campaign mode sees you on a number of missions to various places around the universe from old mining colonies to distant stars, combating enemies along the way. The enemies now increase in difficulty with each location, becoming faster and harder to target, and also giving you more for each kill. Finally, there is the total war mode, take on all the enemy races in a long running series of missions, facing factions such as rotillians, the shadow empire and bio mechanical pirates across star systems, asteroid belts and giant planets, with difficulty increases along the way.

Points in Space encounter are also a bit more than just static numbers there for bragging rights, since points are also the way you earn higher and higher ranks in the galactic fleet, from the lowly rucky pilot right up to supreme commander.

Finally, though the game does not have difficulty modes, you can vary things through the large range of ships to take into battle with you, each with different ratings for speed, rate of fire, shields and fire power. Since all ships are not equal and some are very much better than others, those who want a tougher game can always choose a less effective ship to make their lives harder.

The game is available in English Spanish or Italian and costs just 4.90 euroes.

Additional resources

The Ios version of the game has This page on Applevis Additionally there is a teaser for the game which may be hear here and an audio test run showing the gameplay which can be Found here

Happy blasting.


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