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Space Company

title:Space Company
download page:No link!
genre:Incremental games
platform:Online, web browser
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space company is a single player, resource gathering and strategic building game with a science fiction setting played from the comfort of your favourite web browser. Begin on earth gathering basic materials such as wood, metal and gems, then employ miners to gather these resources for you automatically. This then gives you the chance to research further technologies such as solar panels and charcoal engines, which give you the energy to construct bigger machines, and eventually build a rocket to explore the solar system and gather extra terrestrial resources. That however is just the start, since out in space you'll find aliens who will trade advanced technology for a price, and eventually with enough work and the construction of some truly megalythic items, you'll get to leave the solar system and become a major power in the galaxy.

Since the game is predominantly text based, navigation should be simple for most screen readers. There are a few tabs such as resources and research which let you view diffrent aspects of your company, that can be directly moved between as links with any screen reader. Each main tab then contains a list of sub sections, such as different resources (showing their individual production rates and max rate), or places to explore, which are clickable hotspots and need to be found with the arrow keys. Finally at the bottom is an explanation of where you are and buttons to interact with individual elements to do things like upgrade storage or build more research buildings.


Since the items in each list of resources or places are basically hotspots to click and so cannot be navigated by standard methods such as headings, using a find text feature is recommended (especially when you have many different resources or options for places to visit), to avoid having to hammer the arrow keys to find the thing you want.

The game is entirely free to play, however you can donate with Paypal (find the donations section under the @more@ tab), or alternatively sign up on patrion to give monthly donations and get a place in the game’s credits.

Happy building.


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