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Starfinder, dead suns

title:Starfinder, dead suns
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Payzo inc
platform:Amazon Alexa
release:August, 2020
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Starfinder is an innovative new tabletop role playing system from the developers of the well known Pathfinder game.

In a universe where traditional fantasy creatures such as elves, dwarves and goblins rub shoulders with insectile aliens and robots, keeping order is not easy. Absolom station is one particularly lawless place, where the spike (as it's living areas are affectionately known), is the home to street gangs, corrupt police and greedy coorporations all out for themselves. Fortunately Absalom station is also the home to a branch of the Starfinder society, an organisation which recruits adventurers, agents and mercenaries of a slightly more ethical character to investigate crimes, explore alien planets, and bring a little hope back to the pact worlds of the galaxy.

This is where the game starts, with Alexa acting as your game master, and a host of tallented voice actors providing atmosphere, work your way through a number of starfinder adventures. Choose from one of the four characters who include an alien priest, a rough mercinary and a fast talking con artist, and take on your first assignments from the starfinder association, earning achievements along the way, investigate greedy mining companies, board derelict ships and battle space goblinns, alien thugs and more.

IN terms of pure gameplay, certain parts of the game will resemble an interactive audio adventure. Listen to the atmospheric audio drama and the choices you're given then choose to act. Of course, not all choices are straight forward and you'll need to bare in mind your character's skills and strengths, since some characters will naturally be better at sneaking, interacting with others or athletics than others. As with most role playing games, success or failure at such moments is determined by dice rolls, though if you don't want to roll your own dice, Alexa will happily do that for you.

The other main portion of the game is combat, since inevitably your character will run into fights sooner or later. Combat here works much like a tabletop game, with your character able to take both a standard and movement action each round, thus being able to both attack, or cast a spell or heal themselves, and advance or retreat or take cover. This makes combat wonderfully tactical, especially when you factor in your characters' available skills or powers and what weapons he/she is carrying.

The initial first episode, episode zero has a playing time of thirty minutes and is entirely free. Further episodes can either be bought for two dollars each, or bought with a season pass for 8 dollars. Currently, the first three episodes, each with a roughly ninety minute playing time,are available to buy, with episodes 4-6 likely to follow in the near future.

Obviously, being an Alexa game, the controls couldn't be more accessible, since all you need to do is speak. You should be able to launch Starfinder by simply telling Alexa to enable it, but for those who want to learn more, or enable through the ap Starfinder's Alexa page is here

Even if (as is sadly often the case), your not able to find a group of people to play the actual tabletop game of Starfinder with,, the episodes of the Alexa skill with their great acting and high quality sound, interesting choices and tactical combat, as well as their close to 9 hours play time per character, are well worth the time to any fan of role playing in weird and wonderful scenarios.


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