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platform:Alexa, Google assistant
release:February, 2016
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Starlanes is the first ever Mmorpg game controlled entirely by voice and available on the Alexa platform. In the far distant future, pilots can traverse planets by thought alone, using only mental effort to jump between the stars. However advanced the technology though, rivalry is just as human and just as live. Two powerful mega corporations Hitotsu and Futatsu vie for controls of vast sectors of space and the resources there, constructing drone minions to gather resources, defend territory and of course launch attacks on the other side.

The game actually plays a little like the classic trade wars. Each system can hold a certain number of drones, attack drones, defense drones or factory drones, with factories able to produce new attack or defence drones according to the available resources. In the game, any and all pilots have the ability to use factories, or carry defensive and attacking drones to where they need to go. Of course, carrying cargo is not effortless, and your ship has a certain amount of fuel. This fuel regenerates over time, but likely you'll need to log in each day or ferry a fair few drones around over time to get the desired result.

As well as deploying your factions' robotic troops, you can also earn various badges and titles throughout the game, for exploring sectors, taking part in battles and the like as well.

The game is entirely free to play, however you can spend real money to buy talents, the game's in game currency. Talents may be used for a numbers of extra drones, or be used to refuel your ship.

With an endless war to fight, a huge amount of territory to explore, and even galactic tides which make travel a less than predictable business, Starlanes is perfect for anyone who wants to get involved in an ever shifting conflict.


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