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Stem Stumper

title:Stem Stumper
url:No link!
download page:No link!
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Ananse Productions
platform:Ios, Android
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Pitermach


The status of this game is unknown. Both it as well as its developers have disappeared from the internet.

Stem stumper combines a maze game with audio navigation for a complex challenge. In this game you are Mimea the vine. You need food in order to grow, but unfortunately there are many obstacles in your way such as stubborn stumps or angry acorns. In order to reach the furtilizer you need, you have to navigate a path from the bottom right corner of a 10 x 10 grid to where the food is, using your power points, slingshots, and other limited tools to destroy stubborn stumps and exploding angry acorns in your path.

There are 100 levels in this game which costs less than $10 US. It is entirely compatible with Voice Over or Android screen readers, and can be played just as effectively with or without sight, even including a "sonar mode" to turn the graphics off for sighted players who want more of a challenge. Running your finger around the play area makes various tunes play in the background, every object has its own unique melody. The closer your finger get to that object the more complex the melody gets, while it is possible for all melodies to be playing at once there are a series of buttons at the top which let you filter out the ones you don't need to help you find specific items, in addition, Voiceover or talkback will speak the contents of each square you run your finger across, lettting you plan your stratogy. To interact with something, such as using your power points to blow up an angry acorn and destroy surrounding stubborn stumps, just double tap or split tap it.

Later levels become more complex, with not just one source of furtilizer but multiple ones, and different ways of reaching them, some requiring you to carefully spent your power points activating different items, as well as plot your routes around the grid. Playing efficiently however can earn you not just bonus curious carrots, but also unlock new levels, indeed the hole game has over 100.

The game is free, however you can pay a charge to remove adds and support the developers, which is highly worth it for this deceptively cute, but actually very tricky maze and puzzle game.


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