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Succubus draining maze

title:Succubus draining maze
download page:link
genre:Adult Games XXX
platform:Web browser
release:January, 2022
last edit by:Dark


From the creator of Slime girl caverns, comes this unofficial small spinoff, featuring dungeon diving with insatiable succubae. Many a fellow has woken up from nights of drunkenness to find himself in a compromising position. When your a level forty chaos mage however, that is even more true, especially when the bad girls you wake up with on the morning after turn out to be demons from hell!

Playing as said level forty mage, you find that your bout of drunken magic has landed you in the middle of the succubus maze event, a randomly generating dungeon. make it out and you might just get your own succubae to play with and a big pile of money, however with traps, deceits and a number of lusty demons between you and the exit; all eager to beat you into submission and take you as their plaything, that won't be an easy prospect. Fortunately, as a level forty mage, you still have access to all of your spells, though of course should your levels be drained by the succubae, that might change.

Though containing a rollicking, and rather off colour story, with occasional adult moments; especially in it's game over sequences when your enemy has her wicked way with you; Succubus draining maze provides a pretty solid tactical challenge, with all the fun of a randomly generating set of encounters. As in slime girl caverns, you will always be told what attack your enemy is doing, however, your offensive options are many. At the start of the game you begin with five categories of spells, as well as chaos spells. Each spell category has a limited number of manner points associated with it (with fifth category spells only available once per adventure), though chaos spells may be used as often as you like. So combat becomes a game of resource management, especially because; though you might sometimes get chances to sleep and restore mana or find mana potions in the dungeon, nothing is guaranteed, meaning that often it's necessary to rely on lower level spells or random chaos spells, and preserve your magic. Furthermore, on occasions a succubus might be willing to do a deal with you (well demons are famous for it), and allow you to pass without a fight in return for some of your mage levels, losing you access to those devastating high level attacks. With you always knowing the number of steps to the exit, this makes for a pretty tensee game.

Access wise, everything is standard html, whether you play online or download the game, though note that in battles, your various categories of spells (like the psychic powers in Slime girl caverns), each come in a dialogue which it might be necessary to click on to open, or hit a button to close. Similarly, if your characters' stats such as hp, mana and number of potions aren't showing, you might need to click to show the top bar.

Though unquestionably an adult game with a sexual theme, and thus obviously only recommended to people who are comfortable with explicit content, Succubus draining maze is still a surprisingly addictive, surprisingly tactical role playing game, which requires a rather unique brand of decision making, so is definitely recommended to rpg fans.


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