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Super Football

title:Super Football
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Unfortunately, since at least January of 2018 Vipgameszone seems to have completely vanished from the internet. This means that not only are their games no longer available to buy, but even people who bought copies of their games cannot register them either.

Super football is another audio sports game from Vip gameszone, this time simulating the popular eleven a side team sport known across the world, ----- and to any American visitors, this is the game of Socker, not American football.

While having many rules and conventions of football such as penalties, throw ins, the off side rule and free kicks, to translate into an audio game, Super Football also borrows from the popular table football game seen in many arcades and recreation centers, thus, each player holds his position on the pitch and does not move, ---- so only passing and intercepting of the ball is possible, no dribling or direct tackling. As in table football, the players are set out in alternating lines of two or three players, with friendly players, ---- players of the my globe team in Super football, alternating with the opposing Interclub team ones. To switch betwene the various players, you use the numbers 1-0 for the ten footballers, and enter for the goal keeper.

When a ball is kicked, the computer voice will say which footballer it's being kicked to. If it's one of the My globe team therefore, you need to press the appropriate key to gain control of that player and prepare to recieve the ball, ---- or defend your goal.

The controls for each footballer are essentially the same, left and right arrows to change direction (though you always start off facing forward), space to kick the ball, up arrow and space for a long pass, and left or right control to punch the ball, with right control corrisponding to the left direction, (though of course, accept for a throw in, nobody except the goaly should be punching the ball).

When a ball is passed, and you switch to the footballer who's recieving it, you'll hear the ball sound coming from left or right, and must kick or punch the ball when it's in the center of the sterrio field, failing to do this will either lose the ball, or gain the evil Interclub team an extra goal!

When switching to the appropriate player, you'll also hear another team member from the left, right or ahead urging you to pass the ball to them. So, either turn left or right with the arrows and hit space when the ball is centered, or press up arrow and space to edge the ball around the opposition, or for the goaly, press the correct control key (right acting as left), or up arrow and space, ---- sinse missing the pass will not make your loyal fans too happy

Of course, for players 8, 9, and 10, the only place they need to pass the ball is into Interclub's gaping goal net. For players 8 and 10 this can be done with a long shot left or right, while for your star striker player 9, it just requires kicking the ball streight forward (spacebar on it's own, no up arrow). Also remember that your center forwards, footballers 6 and 7 can also take long shots at the goal too.

Should the awful Interclub gang get their nasty little boots on your ball, you can try to intercept before they get it as far as your goal keeper. To intercept, just select the player closest to the opposition member who's recieving the ball, 1 for 7, 2 for 6, 3 for 5, and so on, and press space bar. Be warned though that attempting to intercept the ball with the wrong player is counted as a fowl by the ref, who'll instantly award a penalty to the other side.

As with most Vip gameszone titles, you can not only take on the computer on 5 skill levels, but also play online against an opponent over the internet as well, ---- and even use Sapi to taunt them mid game. You can also compete on the Vip gameszone score boards as well once you've given Interclub an interminable clubbing!

The game demo will let you try out all features of Superfootball, including online play for a maximum of ten minutes, to give you a feel for the game. Demo mode however will also expire and become unavailable after three days.

so My! Globe! for the Cup!


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