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download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Oriol gaming zone
release:December 2015
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Supercube (also called Cubus maximus), is Oriol Gomez' take on a popular Spanish hand held electronic game called Giro Zac, which also resembles the English Tiger electronics game called Brainwarp. Whatever it is called however, it's a fiendishly difficult spacial and logic challenge that will indeed tax your brain.

The main principle of the game is to turn around a cube (or at least a sort of cuboid spherical device), with six coloured knobs on it's outside by using the arrow keys. If the orange knob is facing down and the yellow knob is facing up, then white is to the left, purple right, blue to the bottom and red forward. Change the cube around however, and the various positions of the knobs relative to the arrows change too.

The object of the game is to turn the cube so that different coloured knobs face upwards. This can either be done in the "music cube mode" in which players are asked to turn the cube to random colours boppit style, or in the "memory man" mode which is closer to simon, though of course turning the cube the wrong way will lead to failure. This makes for a complex and wonderfully confusing game in which directions and logic are key and one which it is surprisingly difficult to get a high score.

The above link will download the windows version of the game, The mac version may be found here

As is usual with Oriol's games, Supercube is entirely self voicing, has quirky sound effects and music, and is entirely free.

the game will work on all versions of windows later than Windows 7, but not on Windows xp.

For more on Oriol and his games, you can visit The Oriol Gaming zone page on the audiogames archive

Happy puzzling.


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