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Swordy quest

title:Swordy quest
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Seligman ventures
release:June, 2021
features:text, sound, visuals
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Waking up in the wilderness miles from anywhere, you have no idea who you are, or how you got there. Being resourceful however, you decide to begin looking to the world around you for food, supplies, and even for hints about this strange country in which you find yourself, over run as it is by imps and tree orcs. Soon you discover the land you are in is known as Phonatasia, a land where once several great sword mastered battled to imprison an ancient evil, masters whose wrestless spirits now look out from grim castles across the wilderness.

Welcome to Swordy quest, one of the most popular and accessible role playing games available on Ios.

One of the most unique things in swordy quest, as you will quickly learn as you begin the game, is it's use of minigames and varied activities. At the start, your first task will be to gather water from the local area to survive. To do this, flick through an 8 x 6 grid, and hold on different squares, containing bushes, grass or trees to search them. Later in the game, earn the ability to search multiple squares at once if they're the same type in a row.

Soon enough, you'll need to hunt animals for meat and leather, which will require sneaking up on your quarry; bow in hand, accomplished by first choosing a square to hunt in, then, hitting the "sneak" button when you hear two pips or vibrations occurring together.

Even combat, though classic turn based rpg style, takes a little forethought, given that you have three available weapons, sword, staff and Warhammer, and all monsters will be extra weak to one of them (which will also get you an experience bonus).

Though the game does feature a story, quests, and scrolls to find (after completing the concentration style minigame), which tell you about the world, a lot of what you do is up to you, especially once you have finished your travails in Phonatasia and moved on to the beyond. Recieve quests at castles, trade goods at different villages, brew potions, fish for food (being careful of killer sharks), hunt down rare creatures for difficult crafting projects, tame animals to battle other adventurers, become a monster hunter, or simply try out a bit of everything as your fancy takes you, indeed with frequent updates, and new activities, items and systems added to the game (most recently the chance to transform into different classes, SEARCH FOR ITEMS,, or play a mastermind style academia GAME in universities), the world of swordy quest is ever expanding.

The developers have made a special point of the game's accessibility with voiceover; one reason why Swordy quest has gained such a following. The interface is very easy to navigate. Across the bottom are tabs for areas of the game such as actions (the actions such as hunting or gathering you can do in your current location), crafting, the map for travel, or the camp tab (which contains less frequently used information.

Access goes further however, not only tweaking all announcements to be instantly spoken by vo, but even slightly altering some systems to be a bit more friendly, such as, making sure it's possible to double tap on the buttons in the quick reaction games, or adding auto move options for the game's very large maps, , a commitment which continues as new aspects of gameplay are released also getting the access treatment.

The game is free to download and play, however, the free version only contains the phonatasia kingdom, and the first few challenges of the game, as well as a couple of other restrictions such as no access to the hints sheet and showing of adds. The full game can be bought for 10 usd, plus another 10 usd to get access to the beyond and infinite maps; and since those maps contain many of the games later more diverse gameplay elements, including quests, alchemy and mutant creature hunting, this is well worth it.

Swordy quest also features a premium currency called golden gems. These can be found while exploring, and used to buy a variety of upgrades, from item packs, to quick completion of crafting projects, to tickets to enter the weekend special events of the game. Though golden gems are fairly common, they can also be bought with real money as well, if people want a boost, or just to support the developers.

As usual with Ios titles Swordy quest has It's own page on applevis, here

with an awesome soundtrack, atmospheric world, a wonderful sense of freedom and a truly staggering amount of things to do, Swordy quest should be a treat for the casual gamer or rpg fan alike.


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