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Tank battle endless gunner

title:Tank battle endless gunner
download page:No link!
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Woodside Apps
release:May, 2019
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Tank battle, endless gunner is the chance for anyone with a fancy for large artillery to exact their destructive impulses. As you might expect from the title, in the game you are in command of a well armoured, fully loaded and highly destructive tank, set on a battlefield against wave after wave of enemy forces. At the top of the screen, double tap on the "targets" button to cycle through the enemies ranged against you, and swipe to find the name and distance of the enemy. When you have something in range, tilt your phone to change elevation (45 will give maximum range, or listen out for the clicks), and then double tap to fire. You can go forward or backwards to change the distance between you and the target.

Of course, your enemies will not sit back passively and let you blast them, each move when your in range, the enemy will shoot at you, decreasing your tank's armour, whilst moving around will obviously take fuel, all moves, will be recorded in a log which you can find in the centre of the screen/ handy for getting a report on the accuracy of your last shot. You can view the stats for your percentages of armour, fuel and the available shells at the bottom.

Double tapping on Shells will take you to the shop where you can switch weapons, since your tank is equipped with several types of shells each with a different range, as well as buy upgrades.

In addition to a number of enemies to slay, each wave also contains a number of crates which can replenish your fuel, armour and whatever shell type your currently using, just hitt the "crates" button to cycle through available supply dumps, though be sure not to over stock your tank since wasting supplies will cost you.

At the end of each wave, you will be awarded stars according to how much damage you took, how many one hit kils or total wipeouts of the enemy you made, and whether you picked up any unnecessary supply crates. These stars can then be used buy upgrades in the shop, such as increasing your tank's armour, or size of arsenal. The game goes on until your finally defeated, with ever more waves of enemies all eager to blow you to smithereens, and since it features enemies from the destructive mortar pair to the fast and irritating scout car, you won't be lacking for variety in your targets.

Though no demo is available, the game costs just 2 Usd, so hopefully it shouldn't be too destructive to your bank balance.

With some appropriately explosive sound effects and richly detailed gameplay, you'll find Tank battle a surprisingly addictive game its hard to put down.

As usual the game has its own page on Applevis

Happy blasting.


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