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The Blind Swordsman

title:The Blind Swordsman
download page:link
genre:Action Games
developer:Evildog Games
platform:Windows, mac
release:April 2014
last edit by:Nocturnus


The Blind Swordsman tells the story of a doomed warrior. Having lost his site due to a curse, the Swordsman seaks the one person who can restore it, the mystical warlock of the Kaijin tower. Unfortunately, the way to the tower is long and lined with enemies, all of whom see a blind swordsman as nothing more than an easy kill.

During the game you must use the right and left arrows to turn to face your enemies, and when they come close enough, hit down arrow to parry or up arrow to attack. As with any sword fight, a single strike can be fatal, however when to strike and when to parry will all be a matter of judgement, stratogy, and above all an accurate ear for reading your opponents attacks.

Though deceptively simple in design, The Blind Swordsman features more tactical combat and a greater degree of timing and experience than you might expect. Combine this with a gripping audio story as the Swordsman must prove his worth against a number of opponents from vicious wolves to psychotic dagger wielding sisters, and you have the recipe for a truly atmospheric and unique game.

With 9 levels, the chance to play in two different modes, and an unlockable achievements system as well as a survival battle, The Blind Swordsman is a game that will also take a good bit of work to truly master.

The above link will download the Pc version, the >Mac version may be found here note if your havingh trouble installing it on mac due to Apple's security with downloaded aps, see This page for an answer

Also, though the game is downloadable as a stand alone program and doesn't require being run from a website, make sure you have an the Adobi Flash player installed on your system as well, as the game was built using flash.

Though the developer's own page about the game is still up, the actual downloads seem to no longer be working, so thanks again to Jack and the audiogames archive site for providing hosting space.

The Blind Swordsman is proof that even a familiar concept like left/right sterrio targeting can still provide a highly unique challenge when combined with the right mechanics, not to mention a very epic story and some great voice acting. As the game is free, you would be missing out if you didn't try this one.


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