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The Chronicles of Arborell

title:The Chronicles of Arborell
download page:link
developer:Wain Densley
platform:Online or downloaded html
release:2003, ongoing
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


The Chronicals of Arborell is a truly massive world under developement with it's own history, geography and language, being gradually created by Wain densley.

the chronicals themselves comprise a number of beautifully written, complex gamebooks and a randomly generating dungeon adventure roleplay game, as well as background resources such as legends, novels and even a guide to the haer'al language used in both the histories and gamebooks. All these are either available to read online or download (mostly as html though occasionally as pdf's or text files).

The gamebooks, ---- some of which are extremely large, have you generate your character, then use a skills system to provide them with the tools to complete there quest. this means that there are always multiple ways to get through the adventure, with different paths to success, ---- making the books highly replayable.

The recently released torchlight tabletop game takes the concept of a gamebook, ---- moving through various sections of text making choices of where to go, but uses rolling dice on several tables pluss writing coordinates on xl spreadsheet pages to generate a full dungeon adventure at random. Despite the need to roll your own dice and write your own maps, the torchlight game is incredibly easy to play, and with the possibility to even generate your own quests with unique objectives, has truly staggering amounts of replay value.

Best of all, not only is everything absolutely free, but the game master has gone out of his way to make some great accessibility changes for screen readers such as text descriptions of maps and timelines, and an rtf version of the book of Haer'al (sinse the Pdf of that book converts very badly into text).

the site also includes an Access page with convenient links to text resources. there is also a mailing list for the chronicles on yahoo groups, where announcements of new titles are made and discussion of the world of arborell is very welcome. To join, just send a blank E-mail to chroniclesofarborell- subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Though rolling your own dice is necessary for the various gamebooks and roleplaying games, with the free Gma dice program see index This isn't a problem.

If you like the idea of an exquisitely written, highly detailed and completely original fantasy world, featuring role playing games, gamebooks, and huge amounts of background, you couldn't do worse than trying the Chronicles out.


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