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The Dark Grimoire

title:The Dark Grimoire
download page:No link!
developer:Grimoire entertainment Inc.
platform:Online/ web brouser
features:text, visuals
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the Dark grimoire is a fantasy role playing game which takes you into the war torn world of Valorn a realm under threat (and in many areas controlled), by the sinister demon lord Balthezar. As you might expect, players of the game take on the role of itinerant adventurers trying to make a name for themselves in this fantasy kingdom by fighting monsters, carrying out quests and exploring. Though beginning as untrained initiates, after gaining some experience players will have the chance to choose a profession, warrior, clerric, Enchanter or rogue, which then gives access to specialized skills and quests such as the rogue's ability to pick locks or the Enchanter's ability to teleport.

All this may sound fairly usual to anyone who has played this style of game before. What is less usual however, is the game interface. Though played in standard html pages, The Dark Grimoire functions in some ways far more like a mud than a typical brouser based game. So, rather than using short cut links such as "explore city x" the game features freely explorable maps which you must traverse one location at a time, items in set locations you can interact with, and the neeed to be in the same location as other players in order to chat with them or exchange items or other abilities.

In fact, player interaction is a major part of the game, particularly considdering that the combat system alone is comparatively symple.

The game also has a very helpful and cooperative atmosphere, and it is comparatively easy to find online guides, ---- or indeed other players willing to help out.

Of course, unlike a mud, The Dark grimoire works by clicking links and buttons rather than typing commands. Some of these links may have odd lables, and familiarity with a screen reader is helpful, sinse though the majority of in game systems such as the inventory, dealing with items or chatting are extremely symple to use, the pages do automatically refresh each minute which necessitates good navigation of the page. It does however help that the main descriptions of rooms and items are at the top of each page.

The game is free, and players are even allowed multiple characters, however a subscription is available for 5 usd a month which allows various bennifits including the ability to level faster, write a custome character description, remove all adds from the game thus making the pages load more quickly (though sinse adds are at the bottom of each page screen reader users probably won't come across them much), have more use of the in game bank and access to a few notable quests and areas, ---- though these are rather rare and the vast majority of the game is open to all players.

With it's explorable map quests and background, this is a game setup for those who are more interested in atmosphere or role play rather than simple game mechanics, sinse both combat and item handling are comparatively unsophisticated. Nevertheless, in those areas which the developers chose to focus on the game does very well.


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