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The Dark citadel

title:The Dark citadel
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genre:Role Playing Games
developer:LC Publishing
platform:Amazon Alexa
features:sound, visuals
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For years the dark citadel has stood in the centre of the desert, a fortress of evil, relic of an ancient sorcerer's malign desires. Fortunately, you have never worried about such things very much, you just want to get out, explore the Kingdom of Alderton, and have some adventure. Less fortunately, your simple desire for a bit of excitement is sure to lead you into trouble, since a lost prince, a teleport spell, and you suddenly find the Dark Citadel alooming up before you. Choosing a class such as wizard, warrior, warlock psychic or paladin, begin an epic quest which will lead you into the forefront of war, through twisted landscapes and dark forests, in a battle for your worlds’ very survival with the mysterious dark citadel at it’s centre.

The game itself alternates between an old fashioned, choice based gamebooks style of interacting with the environment, in which your character’s skills such as diplomacy, history or athletics are often tested with dice rolls, and some familiar turn based combat against various enemies, where your characters’ abilities such as parry, guard attack or whirlwind give you extra options to carry the day.

also, in the manner of an Rpg, your character will gain levels and improve in stats as you play. This will not only let you gain more powers and skills, but also give you a better standing in the game’s other competitions, since in addition to playing through the various chapters of the story, you can also take on battle waves, ever harder encounters against various situations, where both a strong sword arm, and advanced skills will be required to win through, or even try to invade another player’s keep, braving deadly traps and guards in order to loot their treasure and gain more experience for improving your character.

Unfortunately, some of the commands in the game are a little obscure, for example, you can say “tell me about”, to open a menu in which you can examine items and powers, but there is no way to look at powers before you choose them for your character, or learn much about character classes before picking. Similarly the “shop”, command, where you can use the gold you earn from defeating your enemies to buy better gear and items, is not immediately obvious, though can definitely be a help.

the game is entirely free to play, however the special Aldren’s shop (reachable from the main menu), sells a number of potions and some special items which may be bought with real world money, such as armour potions to temporarily boost your armour class, or damage potions to hit harder, though note that these can also be bought from the regular shop with in game cash if you want.

With some great in game music and sound, and the wonderfully free form epic feel of dungeons and dragons style fantasy, as well as a relatively easy going interface and difficulty, Dark citadel should be great for both experienced role players, and novice adventurers alike.

Happy adventuring.


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