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The Ensign

title:The Ensign
url:No link!
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genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Amirali Rajan
release:August 2014
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


The war continues, must survive.

The Ensign serves as the prequel to A dark room, telling the story of how that game's world and setting came to be. Despite being a prequel, it is highly recommended that people play A dark room first. this is both because the discoveries and shocks behind A dark room are far better experienced without prior knolidge, and because The Ensign is a far more difficult, indeed quite punishing game.

The game begins with two events that are very tough to get through, but serve as a tutorial, however in addition to that there are some encounters setup to literally kill the player first time. It's recommended however people perciveer and not give in, taking the journey from inexperienced Ensign to battle hardened warrior, sinse just like A dark room The Ensign has a lot to offer below the surface.

In access terms, The Ensign has very much the same interface that A dark room did, particularly because it shares many similar gameplay elements and setting.

If you completed A dark room and want some answers to the mystery of the game's setting, or just want an extremely challenging rpg with a lot to discover and a ruthless difficulty curve, The Ensign is highly recommended, especially sinse like A dark room it costs just 3 usd.

As with most Ios games, The Ensign has A page on Applevis found here

Happy exploring, and don't give up Ensign!


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