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The First Mile

title:The First Mile
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genre:Interactive fiction
developer:Malinch Entertainment
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With Malinche announcing in 2014 that they were no longer selling interactive fiction games, and then vanishing from the internet soon afterwards, all of their titles are no longer available.

The First mile is Malinche Entertainment's long and gorey march into the realm of horror interactive fiction. On the way to a luxurious new job, your car unexpectedly breaks down and you need to stop off for some fuel. Unfortunately for you, that stop off is in the not so sleepy small town of Deadrock Arkansas.

One minute your filling your tank, ---- the next you've got the minions of Hell chasing after you eager for your blood. With many different endings, many puzles to solve and some atmospheric writing, this is a commercially available Interactive fiction game worth playing, ---- despite Malinche's rather over-enthusiastic promotional style.

One major factor about the game, is that though deadrock is a small town, it's pretty large when you come to explore it, so this is not one for those who get easily lost.

Hints are available via direct E-mail to the author, ---- and you can even get a full text walkthrough of the game if your really stuck with some of those more fiendish puzles, and find yourself meeting a grizly end more often than you'd like.


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