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The Great escape

title:The Great escape
download page:link
genre:Adventure Games
developer:Braille soft
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


The great Escape is an updated windows port of a classic accessible dos game, so may bring nostalgic memories to many. You are trapped in a maze of 100 rooms, and need to find your way out in as few moves as possible.

As well as moving in the four cardinal directions, you can also use secret passages if you become stuck, though these will take many more moves. Of course, the maze is far from empty, there is a Villain out to find you who will throw you to random locations if he catches you, and a lepricorn you can gain gold and wishes from.

Rooms in the maze also contain a number of challenges and obstacles, including a vending machine, an evil merchant who requires paying to proceed, and guns and amo to pick up should you run across any monsters.

the windows version directly outputs to Jaws, but you can also use an in built Ms Sapi to read room descriptions, ---- -however the game isn't entirely self-voicing sinse you'll stil need your screen reader running to type in edit boxes and read Yes/no question dialogues. Amusing text and descriptions give a sense of fun to this random little game.

Though braillesoft are no longer around, hosting is provided thanks to the awesome audiogames archive.


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