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The Horse Racing Game

title:The Horse Racing Game
download page:link
developer:Lighttech interactive
release:June 2006
last edit by:Dark


the Horse Racing Game, one of the first games released by Lighttech, is a turn based, almost board game rendition of the sport of Kings, complete with enthusiastic commentator and excitable crowd.

After selecting your noble steed, on your turn, press the spacebar to set your horse running anywhere from 1-12 steps around the track, ---- and on the computers' turn your opponent will do the same. Occasionally you'll find yourself coming up to a metal railing , which you'll need to jump with the up arrow, ---- earning yourself lots of extra points in the process. Giving your horse concussion on the barrier will both lose you points, and cause you to miss a turn, allowing your opponent to run ahead.

This isn't the usual type of race though, as such unpleasant hazards like as rivers, cliffs, and thickets of cactus litter the track. If you fall into a river, you'll need to swim with repeated presses of the left and right arrows, ---- or risk your horse drowning. For cliffs and cacti, listen closely, and stop running with the space bar when your horse warm's you with a neigh, as a hoof full of cactus spines will lose you both points and the turn, while a plunge over a cliff will lose you even more.

wrack up enough points, and you'll be off to the bonus stage, and to add some more variety, you can use the in built board creator to build your own track, ---- or just stick to having obstacles appear at random as normal. The game is self voicing with ms Sapi, and also outputs directly to Jaws and window eyes.

While undoubtedly a much simpler game than Lighttech's later offerings, The Horse racing game still offers a lot of fun for anyone up for some whacky racing. .

Though Lighttech's site has vanished from the internet, the fantastic audiogames archive has fortunately preserved all their software, plus This audio dependencies package, which might be of help if your having trouble running Lighttech's games on modern windows.


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