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The Inquisitor

title:The Inquisitor
download page:No link!
genre:Audio Adventures
platform:Windows, Mac, Ios
release:November 2012
features:text, sound, visuals
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The inquisitor is the first game from new Italian Developer Ticonblu, and represents a very different experience in audio games. In the Inquisitor, journey to 13th century Italy and step into the authoritative, heretic crushing boots of Father Nicolas Eymerich, a senior official of the Holy Inquisition of the Roman Catholic church. His mission? Route out and destroy hericy and the works of the devil in all it's forms wherever it may lirk.

When he is unexpectedly called back to the large Abbey at Carcason Father Nicholas has his suspicions, and these are only confirmed when the slimy abbot tells him he's being sent to investigate mysterious happenings at the close by village of Calcares, a village where an old friend of Father nicholas has already disappeared.

As Eymerich investigates more however he realizes that the powers behind Calcares are far stranger than the usual sort of hericy, and that his very brothers might be hiding secrets in this old and dusty abbey. With drunken mercenaries, strange visions and forbidden secrets buried in darkness, it will take all of Father Eymerich's considderable intelligence to solve the mystery of the abbey and find out what really lies behind his mission to Calcares village.

The inquisitor is a classic adventure game in sound available for Mac, Pc or Ios. though the controls differ, the method of gameplay remains the same. Choose an action such as examine and then choose a particular object to perform that action on. This of course creates some unique puzzles, though don't panic, in all modes of the game you can ask for Divine help wich will automatically perform the next action for you, so don't worry about becoming too stuck, though even if you do work your way fairly smoothly through the puzzles, your going to be looking at 6-10 hours of gameplay, more if you want to go for the top possible score by discovering everything. .

As well as an awsome soundtrack and complete voice acting (father Nicholas himself is quite terrifying), the game can also be played in three different languages, English, Italian or even Latin! all with the same high quality spoken dialogue. The game costs just 4.90 euroes for PC Mac or Ios, or may be bought along with all other games in the inquisitor series for 14 euroes total as a bundle..

The above page on Ticonblu's site has a lot of extra information about the game, including instructions and links, and also some information about Father Eymerich himself, who unlike most game characters is a real historical figure, though if he is anything like his audiogame counterpart I feel sorry for anyone who got on his bad side.

As with most Ios games, The inquisitor has a Page on Applevis which may be found here

There are also some podcasts on Applevis about the game go here for one recorded by Blind educator, one of the Applevis staff which shows some of the gameplay, and go Here to hear and interview with Ivan Venturi from Ticonblu about the game and it's sequel, Inquisitor's heartbeat.

If you find yourself too stuck with the puzzles, a textual walkthru may be Read here

Though the gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has played Time adventures or similar adventure games, the highly inthusiastic voice acting, very unique protagonist, great quality audio and involved story make this one very much worth checking out, particularly because this is only the start of Father Eymerich's adventures.


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