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The Uk audio network

title:The Uk audio network
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genre:Trivia games
developer:The Uk audio network
platform:Online, real audio format played through web brouser
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Sadly, the Uk audio network has not been seen online several years, and thus all of their games appear to have been lost to the recycle bin of history.

the audio network was a site which offers various services from commentary on goalball and other sports, to readings of magazines and poetry. It also offered a games room, which contained various sorts of trivia games all using recorded audio.

Games included the dayly puzles, a quiz updated every week day where you can E-mail in your answers for competition. Several perminant trivia games to play with many different questions including Bootcamp, an extremely tough set of questions presented by the aggressive Sergeant Kandar where you need five right in a row to win, risk it, a game where you gamble points on upcoming questions and win or lose the amount you risk, what to do in a crisis, a game which tests your survival skills in various hazardous situations, and who wants to win a million points similar to the game show who wants to be a millionare.

Finally there were two musical quizzes, tv theme tunes and name that year, and several random games (such as snakes and ladders which combines the chance option of the original board game with a variety of trivia and other numeric questions, Jungle hunt, a random adventure where you face trivia questions from dangerous animals, and Hex, a board played on a hexagonal board which combined random numeric questions with sudden death.

All games, ----- and indeed other services on the site, used a similar audio interface where different choices, ---- either different question answers or menu choices were mapped to the various buttons on the top numbers row of the keyboard. All information is audio, so no screen reader was necessary once you logued onto the site.

while some of the games are symplistic in style, many of the questions range from the obvious to the obscure, and some of the audio is nice, so if you want a quick rest from more high tention games this is the place.


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