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The three percent challenge

title:The three percent challenge
download page:No link!
genre:Audio Adventures
developer:Doppio Games
platform:amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
release:January, 2020
last edit by:Dark


Welcome to the inland, a future Brazil where most of the population live hard scrabble lives of desperate poverty. Everyone dreams of making it to the off shore, an affluent society populated by the best and brightest.

Every year, all 20 year olds are taken for testing by the mysterious "process", a set of gruelling physical and psychological examinations, hidden evaluations and challenges which determine who the authorities will allow to graduate, and (as you might guess by the name), only three percent of candidates make it through (many others do not survive).

In the three percent challenge, an adventure audio game which serves as a prequal to the netflics dystopian Brazillian drama, you get the chance to take part in the process yourself. through an eight chapter story, get the chance to interact with the processor's proctors and leader, meet fellow candidates from the difident Maria to the brash Leandro, decide when to cheat who to trust, and whether to throw your lot in with the resistance, or try to make it that magical %3 on your own.

As well as a voice acted interactive story which follows your responses, one of the best parts of the three percent challenge, are the challenges themselves,. Previously available as daily competitions; as well as occasionally occurring in the story, now you can open up the simulator any time and work through increasingly difficult games of audio skill and judgement.

The games include:

  • detail recall: listen to several scenes set around the hcallenge building, and answer a question, just be sure to remember all the details you hear since there's no knowing what the question might be.
  • Survivor: You and a number of other candidates hike into the wilderness for 10 nights of survival training. Make decisions about who will hunt for food, who will rest, who will build fires and when to watch for wild animals, since the more people make it through, the better your score
  • Decipher: Similar to some audiogames such as sound puzzle, hear a sound clip broken into three parts, and put the parts back together in the right order. A diverse range of clips will keep you on your toes.

  • Maze: Make it through the maze and find the key to get out by specifying directions, just note that when you grab the key, not only will the place start filling with water, but the maze walls will change around.

  • Traitor: finger who is working for the resistance by asking three candidates about each other, just bare in mind one tells the truth, one lies, and the third might be chaotic or cowardly.

  • The cell: Locked in a cell with a triple combination lock, use mastermind style logic to work your way out, hints are available, but at a price to your score.

The first chapter, and all simulated challenges are available to play for free, chapters 2 to 8 may be bought individually, or as a bundle.

to play the game, tell your voice assistant to enable the three percent challenge or Go here for the amazon Alexa skill page

With an awesome atmosphere, complex characters, and some down right sinister moments as well as the chance to play some pretty unique audio puzzles into the bargain, dystopeas have never been quite this much fun!


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